What is important to us?

We are so glad you asked that question and popped in to check out the answer.  At New Hope nothing is more important to us than multiplying spaces where real people are comfortable to show up just as they are, encounter Jesus, and leave different!

We believe that continuing this work will enable the New Hope Family of Churches to see 10,000 people worshiping Jesus on Easter weekend by the year 2025!

If you would like to learn more about why we do what we do, want to meet the staff, get a tour, and/or ask questions, feel free to join us the first Sunday of the month following the 11:01am Gathering for a brief orientation we call New To New Hope!

Please scroll down and check out a brief description of our 5 CORE VALUES.  If you're interested in hearing more about each one, feel free to watch the entire teaching series called 10 Year Celebration.


At New Hope we value excellence!  While there is an important distinction between excellence and perfection, we believe that God asks us to give Him our best in all things. There are certainly moments where our best falls far short of where we wish it was, but we try to never offer anything less than 90% of our current ability.

At New Hope we value service!  It is far too easy for people of faith to say things that are never backed up by their lives.  We work hard to act upon what we say we believe by serving both inside the walls of our facilities and outside those walls in the communities where we are present.



At New Hope we value creativity!  We never want church to become predictable or for people to know what is coming next.  Through the use of the arts, multimedia, and experiential communication, we create environments and experiences that engage people in fresh ways with the transformational good news of God's love for all.

At New Hope we value contrary voice!  Many people have gone to church for decades knowing what is coming each week, month, and year.  We strive to share the timeless message in ways that cause us to wake up instead of falling asleep.  If you only want to hear things you agree with, we are probably not the church for you... but if you are willing to engage with God, the Bible, & others, this place may be the most fun you've ever had!

Contrary Voice


At New Hope we value multiplication!  Our goal is not to build bigger buildings but to multiply the work of God by starting new churches and campuses all across our region and world.  The New Hope family of churches sees around 1800 people worshiping together on Easter weekend.  Any one of our churches alone, in this rural region, would probably never have that kind of impact, but as we multiply we believe God can use us to do our part in transforming lives and changing the world forever!