10 Year Celebration

What an incredible moment in the life of our church as we have reached the month of our tenth anniversary! Take some time to watch this 5-week series, as we lay out the 5 Core Values of New Hope Community Church. We take our job very seriously... we invest our time into 3 primary tools for ministry - Gathering, Groups, and Going (click here to read more about these). In doing so, there are 5 things we value above all else. Make the most of this opportunity with us as we Celebrate the Past & Shape the Future together!

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  • multiplication

    SEPTEMBER 30, 2012

    In the final week of our celebration series, we hear from the heart of our founding pastor, Charles Hill, and Rob talks about our most critical Core Value. 

    As we have celebrated this month, the experiences, conversations and memories have been incredible! God has done things in and through our New Hope family these past ten years that give us countless reasons to be grateful and to party! It is always amazing to see when God takes the little we have to offer and multiplies it to do exponentially more! What an incredible moment in the life of our church as we have reached the weekend of our tenth anniversary!

  • contrary voice

    SEPTEMBER 23, 2012

    This week Rob talks about how we want to try to say things in a different way. Sometimes WE may not even agree with what we're saying, but we're saying it in order to encourage you to truly think about what YOU believe.

    So here's the question:  Have you ever noticed that hearing the same thing in the same way eventually lulls you to sleep? It blends into the background, loses its effectiveness, and becomes noise. New Hope has always been a church that does things a little different and even pushes the envelope at times. Speaking and acting with a contrary voice like this is not an attempt to be cool. It comes from a passionate desire to help everyone wake up so that we can clearly see and know Jesus!

  • creativity

    SEPTEMBER 16, 2012

    In this message you'll hear from Pastor Jeff Cooper. Being one of the many creative geniuses here at New Hope, he speaks about the core value that many would argue is what we do best - creativity! 

    "In the beginning, God..." well, you know how it goes, right? He created. Thus, He is creative. And He created us in His image, therefore, WE are creative! New Hope has always embraced creativity. We want to present the good news of God's plan and His love in fresh and exciting ways using the creative gifts He has placed in us. Check out this message and celebrate with us the creativeness He's given us all!

  • service

    SEPTEMBER 9, 2012

    In Week 2, Rob continues to teach our Core Values. This one might possibly be the most practical one to implement.

    Nobody likes a trash talker, especially one who sounds like they've got game but does little to back up their words when the time comes to actually perform. Some churches like to talk about the idea of service, but they rarely go outside the walls of their own building to actually DO something. Here at New Hope we are always seeking to find creative "no strings attached" opportunities to serve others in our community and across the globe as an important way of sharing the deep love of Jesus with them!

  • Excellence

    September 2, 2012

    Today we kick off our 10 Year Anniversary series, focused on this idea... Celebrate the Past - Shape the Future! Pastor Rob gets things started talking about the Core Value that is integrated into absolutely everything we do at New Hope Community Church - Excellence.

    Have you ever walked into a building that smelled musty and was so dark and confining you didn't know whether you were in a church or a bad horror movie? Whether it's the way our space is decorated or our restrooms smell, how every element of our Gathering is conducted or how we serve our community, here at New Hope we have always tried to achieve a high level of excellence in everything we do. This has very little to do with being cool or trendy, but rather is something God asks of us that we can all participate in!    *Note: Due to copyright, the video Rob mentions at the 38:45 mark can be found by CLICKING HERE.