The New Hope Family of Churches...

God has accomplished more since 2002 through this growing family than many churches get to experience in their entire existence.  We are constantly humbled by the work we see God doing and are grateful for the small part he has allow us to play!

  • NEW HOPE Community church


    Loudonville is the place where the New Hope story began. Pastor Rob Paterson is the second lead pastor of this church. He and his wife, Bethany, have served this team and made Loudonville home since July 1, 2011.

  • New Hope  church


    Tim and Nikki Broughton lead New Hope Church in Wooster, which was the first campus of New Hope Loudonville.  Today it is a thriving autonomous church that has a significant impact in the Wooster region.  Check here for more information!

  • Cross Connect Church


    Tommy and Regina Theisen lead Cross Connect Church (formerly New Hope Ashland), which was the second campus of New Hope Loudonville.  Today it is an autonomous church that has significant ministry in the Ashland area.  Check here for more information!

  • Northwinds church

    west salem

    Dave & Kim Purdy lead NorthWinds Church (formerly New Hope Northwestern), which was a campus of New Hope Wooster.  This campus was launched in October of 2013, making New Hope Loudonville a grandparent!  NorthWinds became its own autonomous church in 2017 and makes an impact around West Salem.  Check here for more information!

  • Abundant life church


    John and Karen Baich lead Abundant Life Church (formerly New Hope The Ridge), which was the third campus of New Hope Loudonville.  This campus impacted the Millersburg area from January 2015 until June 2017 before closing down and making space for Abundant Life.  This autonomous church began its ministry in September of 2018.  Check here for more information!

  • hope church

    Rivne, ukraine

    Taras and Natasha Yaremchuk lead Hope Church in Rivne Ukraine.  This is a sister church with New Hope Loudonville that we continually work to build relationships with and support.  Follow Pastor Taras and his ministry here!