Blood Drives

every 56 days

For a few years, New Hope had hosted some random blood drives, but in the spring of 2016, while in the middle of a teaching series about the power of blood (particularly the blood that Jesus shed for us), we were inspired to make a greater impact in our region by something as simple as donating blood... A LOT of it!  After another year of figuring out the logistics, New Hope became a regular 56-day drive site, collecting 4-5 times the amount of blood at each drive than what is 'typical' for a rural setting like Loudonville, Ohio.

Every other month, we have approximately 70 people sign up to donate with a goal of collecting 65 pints.  Because of deferrals and appointment no shows, hitting our goal is usually a struggle.  If we could get about 25 more people to become regular donors, we could not only make hitting our goal easy to accomplish, but we could collect close to 100 pints, saving even more lives!  Will you become part of this mission with us?

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Donated blood only lasts for 42 days.  It cannot be 'put on a shelf' so to speak and stored up for whenever needed.  This means that blood is in constant demand, and it's not just for trauma victims.  There are many people who have health conditions that require regular blood transfusions in order to survive.  If you had a loved one who needed blood to live, you would most definitely put yourself through any uncomfortable situation necessary in order to save them.  What makes other people any less important?  Can you put yourself through a few minutes of discomfort every 56 days so that other people can get the blood they need to survive?  Please consider signing up for the next drive.  The dates are listed below, as well as a link to the sign up sheet through the Red Cross.

2024 Drive Dates

always 12pm - 6pm

January 17

March 20

May 15

July 17

September 18

November 20

Sign Up to Donate

ask about 'power red' donation

Click here to schedule your donation

Click the button above to access the online scheduling page.  Just search for the New Hope Drive by entering our Sponsor Code... NHBlood, or zip code... 44842.

Contact our Red Cross Representative, Amy Banbury, with any questions you have or for scheduling assistance.