Prayer Request

It is an honor for the staff of New Hope to join you in praying for your needs, as well as those of your family and friends.  Prayer requests are submitted to us in a variety of ways including the Connection Card on Sunday mornings, messaging us on Facebook, using the link provided in our weekly email newsletter or the link below.  You can also call the office if you'd like to talk to someone personally.  We gather the requests together each week and sometimes spend up to 45 minutes praying over each one, asking God to not only hear us on your behalf, but to actively make His presence felt by you at that very moment!  We believe there is significant power unleashed when we pray together.  Click the button below to submit a prayer request online.

room request

The Church is not a building or location... WE ARE THE CHURCH!  However, God has blessed us with space in which to do things, and we absolutely love providing that space for our community!

  Using the button below, please submit your request as early as possible, in case there are delays or questions about your event. Requests are usually acted upon during our weekly Tuesday staff meetings, but are dependent upon staff availability. You will be contacted regarding approval of your request. Space is not reserved, nor placed on the church calendar, until final approval has been granted. Please contact the church office if you have not received notification within one week of your request.

email request

New Hope sends out a weekly newsletter via email and Facebook, which includes our Prayer Chain!  Receiving this email is a great reminder to lift up others in prayer, as well as for keeping you connected with what's happening at New Hope.  "Liking" our Facebook Page ensures that you are notified on that platform, but you can also use the button below to sign up to receive the weekly newsletter by email.

ukraine prayer

Converge organizes a monthly hour of prayer for Ukraine via ZOOM.  At 5:00pm on the 2nd Sunday of the month, use the button below to tune in.  Feel free to simply listen in, praying along with others silently in your heart.  Or you are most welcome to actively pray out loud when the Spirit moves you to do so.  Thank you for engaging in this way, lifting up our brothers and sisters who have been enduring a tough situation in Ukraine.