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While we have a number of ministry areas where you can engage, it is also important to understand how we function overall.  While there are tons of incredible things that churches do, if any one church tries to do all of them, they end up doing nothing well.  We don't believe that our approach is inherently better than any other church, it is just that we have a deep sense of calling that the three ways God has asked us to invest our greatest effort is our Gatherings, Groups, & Going!  We also want to be completely upfront with all of you to make sure you are connecting with a place that is consistent with who God has called and created you to be as well!

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Our Gatherings are the front door to get to know and experience what New Hope is all about!  Everyone is welcome, there is no dress code, and you can expect friendly people in an atmosphere that is comfortable and makes sense. The challenge of living for God is great enough without people adding more pressure.  Instead we are all about creating environments where people can come just as they are, encounter Jesus, and leave different!  Come check us out!


Whether it is in a traditional small group, a bible study, a ministry team, or just a close group of friends to share life with, New Hope wants everyone to connect with incredible people at a deeper level.  Many times people come, love the New Hope experience, and yet end up returning to the church they came from or finding a smaller spiritual family to connect with.  Small groups are our way of making sure people notice when you are missing, pray for you each week, know what is happing in your life, and provide opportunities for care and growth.  If you would like help plugging into a small group or learning how you and some friends can start your own, send an email to Bud Stanton, our Executive Pastor, and he'll be happy to help facilitate this life changing and life giving opportunity!


Inspiring gatherings and deep relational connections are two elements that can help any church successfully grow.  At New Hope we feel these alone result in a type of Christian country club environment, and are incomplete without this last piece.  For us, going is all about doing what we say both inside and outside the walls of the church.  Whether we are sending a team to start a new church or campus, serving in our community, engaging people at the local street fair, or traveling to spend time with our sister church in the Ukraine, New Hope wants to help you GO, and put your faith into action!  If you would like to know more about opportunities to serve the communities we minister in, contact our community ministries team.  If you would like to know more about opportunities to serve around the world, contact our missions team.  We are proud to be a place that is the hands and feet of Jesus across the street and around the world!