New Hope's Kindness Challenge

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As part of our May 2023 series, we asked people to engage in our Kindness Challenge!  The Bible instructs us to show Jesus to people through our love, however, in our selfish nature it is way more common for us to allow our opinions and anger to outshine this clear, biblical principle.  And while the series may be over, the challenge is ALWAYS on the table!  Are you willing to try some simple steps?  Will you build some habits into your life that will allow people to recognize you are a Christian? 

Click HERE for 100 examples of 'Random Acts of Kindness & Service'.

Reminder Card

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It takes 66 days to install a new habit. What if every church cared more about putting things into practice over just talking about them?

Save this picture on your phone, and use it as a reminder as you engage in the challenge.  Please consider taking steps to show kindness to others, especially strangers and those who may not know Jesus as Lord.  Try these steps... the small ones are things we could begin immediately doing each and every day. The medium ones are things we could do once a week. The big step is something we are praying many of you will take just once.  We believe taking these steps will help us become the kind of people whom others can recognize as followers of Jesus!