Chapter 3

1. Has there ever been a time in your life when you remember trying to earn God’s favor?  What did you think he expected of you?

2. Thinking about the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15, can you relate more to the younger or the older son?  In what way?

3. Describe a time in your life when you realized you were “lost.”  How did it feel to be found?

4. What do you think should be the reward for someone who faithfully serves God?  Does that person deserve greater blessing on earth?

5.  In what areas do you see people “slaving” in, in order to impress God or other people?  

6. How can we move from performance to an authentic and passionate pursuit of God and His calling on our lives?  Are there any strategies that you have used to keep yourself from being stuck going through the motions?

Wrapping Up…

Pray as a group, or silently, that we would recognize the areas that we are performing in, and that we would understand we are sons and daughters of God, not slaves.

Small Groups are Important!

New Hope Community Church encourages everyone to participate regularly in a small group. The importance is for you to have accountability to others, as well as a place where you feel you belong and are cared for. Getting to this place requires groups to spend frequent and consistent time together, getting to know one another as you walk together through life. As for any book study like this one, what is important is that you engage in conversation. Where God leads the discussion is up to him, so do not feel pressure to have every person answer every question, nor to feel rushed to get through all the questions. Allow this to simply start/guide the discussion, and then let it progress from there. Sunday messages will be connected to each chapter from the Disobedient God book, and reading along each week can only enhance the experience, but these questions can still be used even without reading the book. We are excited to hear about your growth as you engage with your small group! Thanks for taking this step.