New Hope Worship

It has always been our goal to offer high energy, inspiring music both as a way for us as musicians to honor and worship God ourselves, as well as to help pave the way for others to enter into His presence and experience the Spirit move in their own lives.  Our Sunday morning worship uses a wide variety of musical styles, including popular contemporary christian music from the likes of Elevation, Hillsong, Bethel, Chris Tomlin, Lauren Daigle, and much more.  And while it was never our intention to start writing our own original worship songs, that has actually been happening regularly in recent years!

First Worship Album

As of Christmas 2019, New Hope Worship had written 6 original songs, and we announced that we were beginning a recording project.  2020 circumstances slowed the process but the album was finally completed in March of 2021!  Check out the details below.

The first order of 500 CDs arrived just in time for the Album Release Party, and we passed out about 150 copies the first night!  CDs are available in the office during the week, as well as at the HUB and in the Bookstore on Sundays.

**There is no cost for the CD because we want everyone to have our music, however, it DID cost New Hope a decent amount to create and duplicate this album.  And there will be a cost every time we place a new order, so any donation you can make is appreciated.  Thank you!

Album Availability

The Way

The songs on this album cover a span of many years, as writing our own music has never been a priority.  We've written songs as the inspiration hits, and it wasn't until after the title track "The Way in a Manger" during Christmas 2019 that we decided to record them.

New Hope Worship is made up entirely by volunteer musicians.  God has blessed us with many talented people over the years who have all contributed greatly to the success of our music ministry.  And while we currently have approximately 18 people on the team, many of them teenagers, those who contributed on this particular project were as follows:

Adam Hansen - drums, keyboard

Amy Banbury - vocals

Jacob Gessner - bass guitar

Jeremy Gessner - vocals, acoustic guitar

John McMullen - vocals, electric guitar

Lexie Williamson - vocals

Vince Williamson - bass guitar

1.  New Hope (written in 2007 by Amy Banbury & John McMullen)

2.  Sing Hallelujah (written in 2007 by Adam Hansen)

3.  Sunday (written in 2018 by Amy Banbury & Jeremy Gessner)

4.  The Way in a Manger (written in 2019 by Amy Banbury & Jeremy Gessner)

5.  The Blood of Christ (written in 2014 by Jeremy Gessner & John McMullen)

6.  Together We Stand (written in 2017 by Jeremy Gessner & John McMullen)