Have you ever noticed how most people want to fit in, blend in, and just fly under the radar?  Uniformity and conformity are celebrated way more than individuality and standing out.  And the idea of being so different that you could be referred to as strange or weird is something that is almost universally rejected.  But Jesus, our example, stood out.  And we are invited not only to follow him, but also to live into the counter-cultural calling of the peculiar people of God.  Many of the things we usually think typify “the Christian life” aren’t all that different.  As we begin a brand new year let’s embrace a brand new and transformational practice... being different!

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  • The discipline of Different

    JANUARY 13, 2019

    Pastor Rob continues to talk about being weird.

    Jesus was different.  We should be different.  Does considering that idea make you think of that one wacky friend who makes impulsive decisions and always blames God?  Or that other person who stands out and would tell you it is because of their faith? Isn’t it likely that it just may have a little more to do with their rigid preferences and unrealistic demands of others?  This is not at all what the invitation to embrace Jesus' life is all about.  Join us as we explore some case studies and learn some of the ways we can be consistently different that actually cause others to take notice and long for what we have!

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  • an invitation you should accept

    january 6, 2019

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    Pastor Rob kicks off 2019 with an invitation.

    At this time of year we are all being bombarded with thoughts and ideas we would like to incorporate for the coming year.  Goals, resolutions, and better practices.  But there is a good reason why more than eighty percent of yearly goals are never achieved… desire isn’t enough.  We have to actually do something.  And it is better when we do whatever that something is WITH someone else.  And when that something actually accomplishes stuff that is worth it and makes a difference, we just might find the willingness and ability to follow through.  Join us this weekend as we discover one invitation you really should accept!

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