"We are better together!” and “Every one of us is better and smarter than any one of us!”  These are a couple of thoughtful statements to be mindful of, but the New Testament is even more forceful in telling us that, at all costs, we must resist dissension and division, and choose the path of love and perfect unity.  There are so many seemingly good, just and even Godly reasons to disagree, argue, and fight.  In marriage, in family, at our jobs, and even in the church... God wants us to protect what is right, doesn’t He?  Jesus offers us a different and better way, and we’re going to discover it together this Thanksgiving month!

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  • What about my but?!

    NOVEMBER 17, 2019

    This week Rob addresses the exceptions.

    Have you ever come to the conclusion you could no longer stay in the same job or with the same company?  In marriage, we call it irreconcilable differences.  In church, it is more like a theological impasse.  It is a series of events, actions, changes, or discoveries that are serious enough to decide you can no longer remain a part of something that at one time you may have felt would be a permanent fixture in your life.  When we think about this call to unity, there are things serious enough to destroy it, right?  What do I do when I just can’t stand it any longer?

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  • the problem with time

    NOVEMBER 10, 2019

    In Week 2, Rob reveals the most practical enemy of unity.

    Most little girls dream of meeting their fairy tale prince and falling more and more in love with each passing day.  When starting a new job it can seem like the possibilities are endless.  Even walking into a church for the first time can have a magical feeling! When I was a child, I thought my family was perfect… it was only other people who were messed up.  However, there is this funny thing about time. Over time the good things in our lives don’t become any less true. We simply become more and more aware of ever-present deficiencies and challenges.  Our eyes begin to see and be more drawn to the imperfections, thus time makes unity even more difficult.

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  • we're in this together

    November 3, 2019

    This week Pastor Rob begins a new series about resisting dissension.

    Have you ever heard people of faith discussing how they don’t like a certain church, or disagree with another church’s perspectives, practices, or beliefs?  Even though we are quick to divide, God reminds us that we are one.  And as such, we should quit treating our brothers and sisters as though they are our enemy.  Instead of nitpicking differences, we need to join together, recognizing that with Jesus we don’t always need to see eye-to-eye in order to walk hand-in-hand.  Unity is hard, but we need to remember we are in this together.

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