As people age they sometimes dream of living somewhere warmer.  One of the great things about Ohio is that it is not too cold, but we still get to experience the beauty and uniqueness of all four seasons.  Spiritually speaking, we all go through seasons as well.  While spring, summer, and fall are far better than winter, it is comforting to know that we are not alone, as we all have times like this.  Seasons are a normal and natural part of life, and God uses each and every one powerfully in our lives.  This series is about benefiting no matter where we find ourselves, yet taking appropriate steps to hasten the arrival of spring and the new life it offers!

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  • catch him in the act

    Mother's Day, 2021

    Bethany Paterson takes the stage this Mother's Day, talking about wining the battles in our minds.

    Most of us find it easy to love God, and we are learning to have God’s love for others.  But what does it look like to have God’s love for ourselves?  Our Heavenly Father wants us to see ourselves the way HE sees us, but our enemy wants nothing more than to keep that from happening!  Let’s learn together how our opposition operates so we can be quicker to catch him in the act!

  • Spring

    may 2, 2021

    Pastor Rob starts this new series relating our spiritual lives to his favorite time of year.

    I don’t know about you, but spring is my absolute favorite time of the year!  The cold begins to dissipate and warmth takes its place.  Flowers begin to pop and everything else starts recovering from the gray death of winter, as a blanket of green envelops the rest of the natural world.  We love seasons of spiritual spring as well!  The times of growth and new life, and not ones that come as the result of signifiant effort, but so much easier and more automatic.  If you have been walking through a dreary time of life, tune in for this Message, and experience the freshness of spring!