What On Earth Am I Here For?

The Purpose Driven Life addresses the burning question we all wrestle with at one point or another... “What on Earth am I here for?” In this series we are embarking on a journey that millions have already been on, seeing their lives changed forever! Together we will discover God's five purposes for our lives and how to live each of them to the fullest. This series is aligned with the 40-Day Campaign by Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in California.

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  • LOOK WHAT HE has done

    march 27, 2022

    This week we close out the 40-Day Campaign with a collection of open personal testimonies.

    It is too easy to look forward and become overwhelmed by all that we still have to accomplish. It is good to take a look back from time to time and celebrate that while we are not where we ultimately want to be, we are also no longer where we once were. Progress, not perfection, is something we can pay attention to and feel good about. This week is all about where this “what on earth am I here for?” journey has taken us, full of personal testimonies as to what God has done.

  • evangelism (FOR mission)

    MARCH 20, 2022

    Pastor Rob continues the 40-Day Campaign talking about Purpose #5.

    The concept of evangelism makes a lot of people nervous.  I have heard from a number of introverts about how this is especially difficult for them, but I don’t know many extroverts who feel overly comfortable striking up conversations with complete strangers for the purposes of closing a Jesus sale.  Could it be that our approach has been a little off?  Could there be a better way to accomplish this important task that everyone can and will want to participate in?  Let's investigate our orders for the mission, which Jesus has for all of us here on planet earth!

  • ministry (for serving god)

    MARCH 13, 2022

    Pastor Rob continues the 40-Day Campaign talking about Purpose #4.

    Similar to discipleship, the term ministry has gotten quite fuzzy in our world today, even though the New Testament is crystal clear.  We mainly perceive it as the work of pastor and missionary types, while the Bible speaks instead to the priesthood of all believers.  In fact, it might frighten some of us to learn that ministry is not even the function of pastors, but the rest of us.  If you want to live your best and most impactful life with and for Jesus, this is something we need to bring into focus.

  • discipleSHIP (become like christ)

    march 6, 2022

    Pastor Rob continues the 40-Day Campaign talking about Purpose #3.

    Discipleship is a term that has been used in the church world for a very long time. So it should be understood and implemented by most people who have been church regulars for a while, right? Interestingly, here at New Hope, our leaders have been talking about discipleship intensively for over a year. A group of pastors I am part of recently spent an entire day wrestling with this same thing. So what makes this idea so tough?

  • fellowship (FOR GOD'S family)

    FEBRUARY 27, 2022

    Pastor Rob continues the 40-Day Campaign talking about Purpose #2.

    I remember reading, and then watching, the first installment of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, entitled "The Fellowship of the Ring."  It was a strange grouping of people, some whose people had feuded for generations, but their shared mission was reason enough to set everything else aside, and unite around this common cause.  In the early days of New Hope an often used saying was, “we don’t have to see eye to eye in order to walk hand in hand!”  Your purpose connects you to an incredible family that's bigger than you realize!

  • worship (for god's pleasure)

    FEBRUARY 20, 2022

    Pastor Rob continues the 40-Day Campaign talking about Purpose #1.

    Worship is a term with a wide range of meaning that most people don’t fully understand.  As a matter of fact, the longer someone goes to church, sometimes their understanding of it even gets more foggy.  Much of the time we pick our favorite activity that happens when we "attend church" and deem that as the epitome of worship.  While those activities are certainly part of the broader category, worship is exponentially more significant, and when we get it right, worship solves a number of very real problems.

  • you matter to god

    FEBRUARY 13, 2022

    Pastor Rob continues the 40-Day Campaign talking about our importance to God.

    Have you ever been in close proximity to someone famous?  I remember sitting in a restaurant once and noticing that one of the most famous NBA stars was at the table immediately beside me.  Everyone in the entire place was trying to play it cool, but we all knew who he was.  But the opposite was not true.  Other than the person he was dining with, he had no clue who the rest of us were.  While most of us have very little fame, the truth is we are all known and loved by the greatest being ever!

  • look what he can do

    February 6, 2022

    Pastor Rob opens this series with an introduction to the 40-Day Campaign.

    Have you ever looked at something which appeared lopsided to you, only to have things go the other direction?  It is easy to think just because a person, or family, or team has genetic superiority, greater intellect, more resources, or sometimes all of the above... that their success is all but guaranteed.  So often we see others through their exterior gifts, but see ourselves through our interior challenges.  While all this stuff is part of the equation, God is the deciding factor.  Let's discover together what only He can do!