There is so much happening around us these days.  So much noise fighting for every fragment of our attention. Trying to hear God’s voice can be like listening to a program on a radio station that’s full of static. In moments of honesty, most would confess they have had seasons when they didn’t care so much about what God had to say, and at this point it becomes even more difficult to tune our ears into our heavenly Father.  Desperate to hear from Him, it can seem like our pleas don’t even make it beyond the ceiling as we sit in utter silence.  If you want to hear God’s voice amid all the noise in your life, this is the series you’ve been waiting for.

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  • are you listening?

    OCTOBER 13, 2019

    This week Pastor Rob focuses on listening.

    “I want to hear from God… most of the time anyway.”  The question is… would you know His voice if you heard it? We are all listening to so many voices it is hard to tell one from all the others.  We have become experts at making God in our own image and believing the thoughts, ideas, and opinions in our heads must be consistent with the heart and mind of God as well.  And all the noise that flows in one direction, can be incredibly convincing, making us feel like God’s perspective is antiquated or even irrelevant.  If you have had a hard time listening to God, and in all your wisdom maybe even tuned Him out, this could be a life altering message for you!

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  • the gift of discernment

    october 6, 2019

    Pastor Rob begins this series talking about recognizing God's voice.

    Many people are confused by the concept of spiritual gifts.  Some believe they are just like abilities or skills, and not much more.  Others think they used to be a thing, but while some stuck around, at some point many of the cooler ones ceased to exist.  And if they are real, does everyone get every gift or does God pick and choose?  It's no wonder people’s thinking is so foggy about all this!  There is a gift we desperately need today, maybe more than ever.  It is the ability to distinguish right from wrong, truth from error, and discern whether the source of an experience is Satan, self or God’s Spirit.

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