No Fair!

Have you ever heard someone talk or complain about how things in their life were not fair?  Have YOU ever done this?  I suspect we all have felt this way and even verbalized it at times!  But it is interesting that when things work out to our advantage, when we get more than we deserve, when things are “unfair in our favor”… we never seem to gripe about that.  So what do we do when life is unfair?  When God himself appears to fall into this category when we really need Him to come through?  In this series we'll battle the tendency towards entitlement and discover some wisdom that will set us free when we are not getting what we know we deserve!

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  • THE first

    FEBRUARY 10, 2019

    Pastor Rob continues our entitlement series talking about those who are first.

    Have you ever been the hardest worker for an extended period of time?  Have you ever been in a situation where you had more seniority than anyone else by a long shot, yet it didn’t seem to matter?  Even though you had been around long enough to deserve some credit, you were treated the same as the lazy scrubs who just walked in.  This is painful to experience.  It can definitely cause us to consider ejecting for better options, but it can also tempt us to stick around and do way less, just like everyone else.  Let's learn together a better perspective for these types of circumstances.

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  • THE landowner

    February 3, 2019

    Roy Templeman leads off Week 1 of this entitlement series.

    In difficult life moments, it’s helpful to shake free from our own perspective and see things through someone else’s eyes.  Some people even find it helpful to consider and even serve someone who has it worse than they do.  One of the incredible things about the heart of God is that He sees things clearly when we are clouded and confused.  So when things appear one way, understanding how God sees them can be all we need to break through into a healthier place.

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