The Man.  The Myth.  The Legend. 

In the first class or two, an introductory concept that all aspiring theologians learn about is the 'Imago Dei.'  That is a Latin term that simply means 'the image of God.’  It comes from the very first chapter of the Bible, which lets us all know we were created in the image of God.  Part of the ongoing challenge we all face is to be sure that we are being made in God’s image instead of remaking Him into our own image and preferences.   In this series we are going to rediscover Jesus Christ; the only one who lived a perfect life, who was born to die for the sins of the world, and who has permanently defeated sin and death for each and everyone of us.

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  • you are i am

    april 24, 2022

    In this final week of our series about Jesus, Pastor Rob spends some time on the "I Am" statements.

    If you want to know more about someone, talking to people who know them is a good step.  So is gathering general information and common opinions.  But at the end of the day, nothing is better than going straight to the source, especially if you can talk to that person in a moment of candor.  In John’s gospel there are seven ‘I am’ statements directly from Jesus, where he tells us who he is.  As we conclude our series, "The Man. The Myth. The Legend." let’s sit at Jesus' feet and learn about him directly from his words to us.

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  • binge watching, bunnies, & the bionic man

    easter, 2022

    Pastor Rob speaks this Easter to the power in trying to live like Jesus.

    There are three moments in Jesus’ life that many seem to find interesting, so they pay extra close attention…  His birth.  His death.  And his resurrection.  This weekend we remember his death and celebrate his resurrection!  Without these three important things, Jesus is no longer Jesus.  But what if I were to tell you that those things act as a key that opens a much broader and more beautiful door for anyone who chooses to walk through it?  Whether you are unsure of Jesus, brand new to faith, or have been following him for a long time, there's always more about Jesus to discover!

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  • is jesus enough?

    APRIL 10, 2022

    Chris McClelland presents an important question this Palm Sunday.

    All of our songs, sayings, and sermons are about how Jesus is the absolute best.  Even with his unparalleled list of attributes and accomplishments there is still a question many of us wrestle with. Is Jesus really sufficient for all of my deepest needs?  In our complex world is it too simplistic to believe Jesus really could be the answer for life's biggest questions and darkest moments?  Can his love truly make a difference and meet all of my needs?  Is HE enough?

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  • illusions, delusions, and outright lies

    april 3, 2022

    Pastor Rob begins this new series about Jesus.

    This series is all about Jesus’ role in the church.  Who was he?  Who is he?  What did he do?  What does he mean for us?  The crazy thing is, the answers to these questions vary depending on who you ask, where you live, and many other factors.  Is that because some people have it right and others have it wrong?  Actually the truth is a lot more subtle and sinister than that.  All of us face an overwhelming temptation to see Jesus through our own lenses, concluding that he is just like us.

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