Made Men

A Made Man is someone who is a fully initiated member of the Mafia.  Someone who has gone through an induction ceremony, whose success is now assured, who in mob lingo is referred to and introduced as 'a friend of mine,' and someone who has carried out a contract killing.  Much of the time we feel good about ourselves simply because we are better than this, but there are greater and higher things we can all participate in!  In this series we will hear from a number of fellas about how God has and is making them into the men they were created to be!

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  • made for this

    JUNE 23, 2019

    This week we continue the series hearing from elder Jim Culler.

    I remember a recurring dream I had as a child where I was the bionic man.  So no matter what came my way, I could run faster, jump higher, and was stronger than any person or situation that may present itself.  Do you ever feel like you're in a constant battle? The truth is there's a very real battle going on around us all, and many people are oblivious.  Some know that such a thing exists but don’t like thinking about it because they are getting decimated, or at best, rendered ineffective.  Come this weekend and learn about the enemies tactics, how God will help you, and what we can do to become what we were made for!

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  • In a minute

    Father's Day, 2019

    This Father's Day we hear from Roy Templeman and his daughter Anna.

    We all live in the same hectic world.  And with the best of intentions, we all put things off for later.  Even when the most important people in our lives ask about meaningful activities, our typical response has become "in a minute," "next time," or "maybe later."  We all know that we should prioritize and make time right now, but how can we break such a deeply entrenched cycle?  If you're looking for some inspiration in maximizing the hours we have each day in ways that impact the things that truly matter, check out this Father's Day message!

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  • made murky?

    JUNE 9, 2019

    In Week 2, elder Bud Stanton helps us see how we were made.

    For many people there is a quick disconnect when it comes to their regular lives and the idea of religion, spirituality, and God.  Even for those who are inclined towards such things, and would like to grow in that direction, there can be a seemingly insurmountable gap between us and God.  Many think, "I would like to look more like Jesus, but if I am truthful about me, I can’t seem to find much of Him anywhere!”  And if we do see a slight resemblance, it can be murky at best!

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  • someone's gotta die

    june 2, 2019

    This week we kick off a unique series with Pastor Rob and Andy Kuscsik talking about what must happen in order to become a made man of God.

    We all want power.  We all want connection.  Knowing that we belong to something significant, and that everything is set, gives us peace of mind.  But there are too many forces that stand in opposition to one another… out in the world, and inside each of us as well.  There is not enough room for everything to exist and for everyone to win.  The truth is that some win, some lose, and someone’s gotta die.  Listen to this message for a creative, thought provoking, and challenging start to our Father’s Day series.

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