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Have you ever wanted your lawn to look better?  Have you ever had a year where your turf was perfectly dialed in?  What did you do?  Did it seem like the only recipe was perfect weather and dumb luck, or were there things you did consistently in order to achieve those results?  Just like there are things we can all do to make our outdoor areas healthy and beautiful, there are also things we can do to grow strong spiritually. Don’t leave it up to chance… check out this series for some pro tips that are sure to make a lasting difference!

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  • the road to ______ is paved with good ______!

    july 5, 2020

    Andy Kuscsik starts this new series with some thoughts on good intentions.

    Have you ever heard someone talk about how their spiritual life was private?  As if to say “I don’t want to talk about that stuff - it’s just between me and Jesus!”  The problem with this logic is that it just doesn’t work.  God created us to live and grow closer to Him in community.  The right relationships can and will transform our spiritual health.