Kingdom Color

Throughout history, there have been times when the church shamefully was a source of prejudice, oppression, and injustice. Even at the very beginning of the early church, racial tensions threatened the movement of Jesus.  While the idea of diversity has become a fashionable conversation topic, and the diversity of our world is only increasing, people continue to recognize Sunday morning as “the most segregated hour” of the entire week.  While everyone tends to be most comfortable with people who are just like them, God calls us to diversify as we prepare for the beautiful color of His Kingdom!

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  • let's work together

    NOVEMBER 11, 2018

    This week Rob pushes us to take another step towards diversity.

    It is one thing to have a friend, or even many friends, who are different than you are.  It’s an entirely different thing to work and live together in deeper ways.  When someone’s perspectives and politics, their upbringing and practices, and even their finances and preferences, look nothing like yours, it is much easier to simply take a different path.  Just like taking the easy path does not usually have the best results, there are valuable gifts God has for us as we work together with all of His people.

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  • I know a guy...

    november 4, 2018

    Pastor Rob starts this brand new series about the diversity of God's Kingdom.

    Whenever someone from the predominant group is accused of racism, elitism, or exclusion, their answer is almost always the same, "Oh, but I know a guy..." In our increasingly diverse world it is nearly impossible to not have a friend (co-worker, classmate, etc) who doesn't look like you. But is just knowing someone, having that one acquaintance, mean anything? Is it good enough? Living in the rural mid-west, we are often shielded from this beautiful and difficult process that God invites every one of His people to lean into. Join us this week as we take a significant step toward eternity!

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