JUDE:  Fight For Truth

Where is your focus?  How do you spend your energy?  How do you direct your resources?  If you want to contend for anything, you cannot just dip your toe in the water, contemplate how serious you want to be, or be half-hearted in your approach.  Following our baptism celebration, where many went public with their faith in Jesus, this is a perfect time to consider this topic.  Join us as we walk through the powerful little book of Jude and determine who and how we are going to fight in a victorious way!

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  • present OPPONENTS

    SEPTEMBER 16, 2018

    As we enter the ring for Round 3, Bud Stanton continues to identify our opponents.

    When most of us think about fighting in any respect, we first consider who we are facing and if we even stand a chance.  After all, it doesn’t makes sense to fight if we only ever lose.  This week we are going to discover an important key to victory no matter who or how powerful our adversary is.  We are also going to come face to face with a stark picture of what it looks like to mess this up and forfeit victory.  The cost is much too high for us to mess this up.

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  • past opponents

    SEPTEMBER 9, 2018

    This week Pastor Rob continues to walk us through the book of Jude.

    There has always been opposition, and the outcome for God’s opponents has been the same from the beginning.  It’s important to know these opponents so that we can recognize them, avoid their tactics, and keep them from altering our focus.  It is amazing how quickly we can get all turned around, and though our goal was one thing, we end up heading in the complete opposite direction.  If you want to avoid getting mixed up, confused, or deceived, this is a great message for you!

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  • Be a contender!

    septemBER 2, 2018

    Today Pastor Rob kicks off a study of the book of Jude.

    On every journey, in order to be successful, we have to know the essentials and the opposition.  What are the things that I need to do consistently and properly in order to succeed?  And who or what is going to come against me to try and prevent my success.  Have you ever had moments where you were more serious about your faith, and then others where you were less serious?  Is faith important to you, and do you want to do a better job in this area of life?

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