I Am

We spent three months talking and learning about The Great I AM - God the Father, God the Son, & God the Holy Spirit.  So many people think “God is awesome, and I am not, so hopefully I can ride His coat tail and get into Heaven."  While trusting in God is mission critical, He has so much more planned for us, as His hands and feet, than scraping by into eternity.  In this series we’re going to hear from multiple voices about how we can develop ourselves in order to make a significant eternal difference by becoming the best possible tools in the hands of the master!

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  • i am not a leader... am i?

    JULY 31, 2022

    Bud Stanton wraps up this leadership series talking about investing in ourselves, and then using our influence to affect our family and others around us.

    “For years you have told me that I am a leader, but I never get picked to lead anything.  I have even done SHAPE and other spiritual gifts testing, and leadership never shows up on my results.  I have serious doubts that I am even a borderline leader, and am not even sure that leadership is something that matters much to God.  So what does it mean to be a leader?  Why should I spend any time or money on this?”  While not all of us have the spiritual gift of Leadership, we all have influence and with that a responsibility to develop and lead in those areas.

  • face the music

    JULY 24, 2022

    This week Laura Markel provides evidence that if we are willing to face the things of our past, God will use it to make us better leaders.

    Have you ever watched someone who seemed to have strong leadership building blocks?  Or a sense of strength and magnetism that just seemed to draw people in?  Yet even with all that upside, something just seemed to be off?  A roadblock of sorts, that at some point always seemed to derail their great potential?  This can come from our past mistakes or even things that were done to us.  As leaders we have to take responsibility, face the music, and let God heal us from our past patterns of behavior and hurts in order to truly be effective for the Kingdom.

  • This is for everyone!

    JULY 17, 2022

    This week Bethany and Christopher Paterson encourage us to recognize the influence we all have on others around us.

    “Leadership development isn’t for me!”  “I am too young!”  “I am too old!”  “I am too _____!”  We have all thought and heard things like this.  So few people are intentional about their development.  We see this push back yearly when it comes to the Global Leadership Summit - the premiere leadership development event that occurs in our very own auditorium, here at New Hope each August - people believe the lie that this is just not for me!  No matter your age, gender or station in life, developing and using who God made you to be is something ALL of us should do!

  • a stroll with jesus

    JULY 10, 2022

    This week Mari Colace continues her thoughts from Henry Blackaby's book "Experiencing God."

    Our development and obedience is always costly, but it results in us becoming forever changed people for God's benefit!

  • THE Book of henry

    july 3, 2022

    Mari Colace speaks this week on great leadership practices.

    “Experiencing God” is a study by Henry Blackaby that millions have read and benefitted from.  This author and Bible teacher had so many memorable quotes that to consider and implement would positively impact virtually any life.  Can you imagine if we all did something as simple as Watch to see where God is working, and join Him in His work?  The world would be a better place!  Join us this week as we consider some HENRY-isms.