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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a shift in how people see the church, including how many of them participate in and consume the church experience.  Some of this is exciting and has opened the door to new opportunities.  Other parts of this are challenging, and it all raises questions that we don’t have good answers to yet.  Here at New Hope, we are calling 2022 The Year of the Church.  We are going to take this opportunity to reflect and refocus, starting with googling New Hope Community Church!

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  • get in the game

    JANUARY 30, 2022

    This week Pastor Rob closes the series with the final step of choosing to get off the sidelines.

    Someone once told me the problem with looking for a perfect church is that as soon as we join it, it is no longer perfect.  The point being that perfection doesn’t exist on this side of Heaven, and that we all would be so much better off if we stopped nitpicking and fault-finding and chose to engage.  Sharing opinions, theorizing, and theologizing are all fine hobbies, but it is when we love God and love others that lives are truly changed.  Make today the day you get in the game!

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  • drink the kool-aid

    JANUARY 23, 2022

    Pastor Rob continues this series about New Hope's foundations with the components of partnership.

    For any organization, their process of connecting and belonging is important.  Here at New Hope, we are unique in that we take the normal approach and flip it on its head.  Instead of demanding that you believe everything we do and that you travel a ways down the road before you can belong, we start with belonging, then tackle belief, and end with becoming.  We truly believe that loving and safe spaces are the best environments to wrestle with what we believe and to become all God made us to be.  In this message, learn what it means to drink the New Hope kool-aid!

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  • true to the core

    JANUARY 16, 2022

    This week Pastor Rob talks about New Hope's five Core Values.

    For any organization, their core values are unique distinctives that are true both for and about them.  It is interesting how many churches in particular make these aspirational - things they wish they were or want to be.  Or they state things that are generally true for all churches.  While things like this may be important, they are not core values.  When you cut us here at New Hope, we bleed excellence, service, creativity, contrary voice, and multiplication.

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  • mission possible

    JANUARY 9, 2022

    This week Pastor Rob talks about New Hope's focus for reaching our goals.

    For any organization, their mission is the practical steps they take in order to achieve their vision.  The roadmap, the strategy, the plan for this season of our existence that will prayerfully move us closer to the picture God has painted on our hearts.  A God-sized vision is just a pipe dream without a pathway to get there.  Our mission here at New Hope is to multiply spaces where people can come as they are, encounter Jesus, and leave different.

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  • 20/20 vision

    january 2, 2022

    Pastor Rob opens 2022 with some vision testing.

    For any organization, their vision is a picture of their preferred future.  That divinely inspired image which acts as a north star and prods, pulls, and compels people forward! After having existed now for almost twenty years, and in such a small town, we are constantly blown away that God continues to send new people our way almost weekly.  Our vision here at New Hope is to continue multiplying and increase our ministry footprint to 10,000 and beyond.

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