Going Public

Baptism is the outward sign of God’s inner work in a person’s life.  It is a declaration of something that has already happened, is still happening, and will continue to happen.  Many Christians think that while this 'going public' step can be a meaningful thing, it is somewhat ceremonial in nature and not anywhere near as important as the internal stuff.  Others take this too far the other direction and make the act of baptism their salvation.  In this four week series let's consider the four things about baptism everyone agrees on and discover the power in Going Public!

  • different or dead?

    AUGUST 13, 2017

    Pastor Rob continues the series explaining what baptism represents.

    Most of us use water in two primary ways.  We use it to drink, and we use it to clean.  When it comes to baptism many people realize that they have gotten too dirty, and they want that to change.  Just like throwing clothes in the washing machine with some detergent, they believe the waters of baptism can clean them up and make them different.  This is certainly one good way to think about baptism, but there is another image that makes change more permanent.  If you are tired of falling back into old ways of living, check out this message and find out how Jesus can make us different forever!

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  • things start here!

    August 6, 2017

    Pastor Rob Paterson kicks off a series on baptism.

    It’s strange how we almost never want to attempt something unless success is guaranteed.  As if failing at something is the worst thing that could ever happen.  While counting the cost and preparation are good things, this fixation on perfection, as a prerequisite to beginning, causes great harm.  When it comes to faith, there are many who are open to belief in Jesus, but they feel they have to clean up before they can invite Him in.  In this message, learn how Jesus puts some of the best stuff on the ground floor for everyone to experience!

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