GO (Missional Impulse)

This page is comprised of isolated messages that were not connected to each other within a running teaching series, but are connected with a central theme.  The GO Series is a collection of weeks, separate from a typical series of successive messages, focused on our Core Value of Multiplication.  One of three areas we focus all our efforts on at New Hope is a 'missional impulse'...  to take what we talk about, what we learn, and spread it to our community and beyond in practical ways.  Some of these messages are focused on 'over seas' missional efforts, and others are more locally focused, even down to how we live within our own homes.  We want to GO with the message of Christ!  After all, what good is accomplished by hiding within our walls?

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  • battlefield prayers

    October 10, 2021

    This week our missionary, Kevin McGhee, addresses spiritual warfare.

    Do you think you would pray differently than you do now if you were actually in a war, standing on the battlefield?  Maybe you wouldn’t just pray different kinds of prayers; perhaps you would also pray more.  For many of us, lots more!  The truth is most of us don’t realize that we are absolutely in a war, and most definitely on the battlefield.  Yet most are not engaging in the fight!

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  • from know to go

    march 1, 2020

    This week a variety of voices take to the New Hope stage, including Pastor Rob, Mari Colace, and Beth Wilson.

    It is common, even for people who have spent a lifetime in vocational ministry, to be a little fuzzy on exactly what God wants His people to do. Terms like evangelism and discipleship are laden with so much baggage that they often add more confusion than clarity. And we struggle to get our act together when it comes to people living across the street, or even in our own homes, never mind other parts of the world!  What would you give to know exactly what God expected of you? Not some wishy-washy, nebulous answer, but something specific and clear. New Hope has been in a process of hearing from God regarding missions, and this weekend we want to share information and invitation with everyone.

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  • tension

    july 7, 2019

    As we prepare for a 3-week series to finish out July, Pastor Rob shares something that's been close to his heart lately.

    Tension.  You've felt it, right?  Maybe things were sideways, and you had no idea how they were going to get turned around. Maybe life wasn't really bad, but it wasn't good either, and you felt stuck in a rut.  Even when things are amazing, we can begin to feel the pressure to keep life firing on all cylinders.  Whatever the circumstances, we all face tension!  Typically, we try to avoid it... we change jobs, change spouses, run away and hide on a beach.  Unfortunately, tension figures out a way to hang around.  However, God gives us some helpful and hopeful information on how to manage the tension in our lives.  Join us this week as we discover some benefits of this thing we usually try to avoid!

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  • 700 years

    DECEMBER 31, 2017

    On this, the final day of 2017, Roy Templeman talks about the excitement of the coming of Jesus!

    As one year ends and a new one begins, it is a time to look forward and to reflect. Was the last year everything you hoped it would be? Are you filled with excitement and hope for the new year, or do you have regrets about things you did or things you didn’t do? Fortunately, God is the God of new beginnings and second chances. Find out what happened 700 years before the birth of a savior... what that means for us now and in the new year! Join us as we reflect on the year that was and look forward to what the new year can be!

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  • kids love church

    May 31, 2015

    As another school year comes to a close, Roy Templeman and Laura Markel talk about the love they have for our kids.

    Kids are graduating to the next grade, we recently had our preschoolers on stage, and a bunch of families dedicated children on Mother’s Day. Our church always has dozens and dozens of kids in various areas, many of which tug at their parents and remind them just how important and fun church can be!

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  • are you hungry?

    February 1, 2015

    This week Pastor Taras, from Hope Church in Ukraine, is here to share with us his thoughts on serving and providing for others.

    Have you ever been hungry? Even starving? What do you do in those moments of great need when more than enough food shows up to feed you and everyone else? If you are like most of us, the thought at least crosses your mind to keep everything for yourself, and even hoard it, so that you can take care of yourself well into the future. But what would life look like if you allowed God to take care of you instead and shared freely with all who had need?

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