Daddy Issues

Many people struggle with the idea of a “Heavenly Father” because of the messy interactions they’ve had with their earthly father figures. While some situations are significantly more extreme, these broken interactions tend to create daddy issues for all of us. However, in their best moments our dads are the older, wiser ones, who have picked up a few tips along the way to share with their children. They want nothing more than to see their kids grow and mature. In the same way our perfect Heavenly Father longs to see us mature and grow strong in our faith.

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  • family is forever

    JUNE 26, 2022

    This week Bud Stanton talks about the Father as the head of the family.

    The longer children are in the system without a family, it is typical to see behavioral issues increase.  Could that be because the more you have a sense that you don’t belong and are not wanted, the more you want to get things over with quickly instead of getting your hopes up only to be let down yet again?  Sometimes we see this same thing spiritually.  People are worried that this choice or that mistake has God looking to kick us out of his family.  The good news is that God doesn’t work that way... His family is forever!

  • grill master

    father's day, 2022

    This Father's Day Chris McClelland gives his perspective on the perfect Heavenly Father.

    In a lot of homes Dad is the master of the grill.  Do you have memories of eating something delicious that came off the grill at the hands of your father?  Maybe it was a hot dog or a hamburger when you were little.  Or a steak as your taste buds matured.  Did you ever stand by the grill with your father at a time when he gave you a tip and let you take control?  While earthly dads don’t always get it right, like our perfect Heavenly father, almost every father longs for their children to mature and receive good gifts.

  • who's your daddy?

    JUNE 12, 2022

    This week Pastor Rob talks more about our Heavenly Father.

    Sometimes issues come from having bad earthly fathers. Issues that can keep us from leaning into and trusting our perfect heavenly father.  This week we are asking the question, “Who is your daddy?”  Whether it is an earthy dad, or our Heavenly Father, sometimes we’re simply confused about who our father is. Maybe we recognize who God the Father is generally, but we have not taken the time to get to know him on a personal level.  Let’s continue on this important journey together.

  • daddy issues

    june 5, 2022

    Pastor Rob starts this new series comparing earthly father experiences with those of our Heavenly Father.

    Why is it that some people's lives are derailed by a bad experience, yet others are pushed to a better place, even by similar circumstances?  Difficulties are a part of life for all of us, but we absolutely have a choice in how we respond to such things.  If you feel stuck in regards to experiences you've had with earthly father figures, this will be an important and helpful message for you.  If you have daddy issues on any level, may you begin processing them in ways that will bring redemption and life.