There are many churches that talk a great deal about God the Father.  There are just as many who go on and on about Jesus, the son of God.  But the Holy Spirit gets much less airtime, and is treated like a lesser member of the Trinity.  Many of us have similar preferences in how we think, talk, and even pray.  Is this ok?  Is it a problem that we need to address?  This series is all about the Holy Spirit, who He is and and what His role in the Church looks like.  When God calls an audible, we must be tuned in to His Spirit if we intend to listen and obey.

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  • are you plugged in?

    MAY 22, 2022

    This week Pastor Rob talks about being connected.

    Have you ever unsuccessfully tried to use an appliance only to discover that it was not plugged in?  Where this metaphor breaks down is that in those cases our solution takes just a second or two.  But getting plugged in spiritually can take us much more time, energy, and effort.  It takes some time to go from popping in to a weekend gathering to engaging in deep relationships with the people of God.  It takes time to engage in spiritual disciplines that empower our lives.

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  • He is real!

    MAY 15, 2022

    This week Pastor Rob addresses the notion of the Holy Spirit not even being real.

    There are many ministry leaders who downplay the Holy Spirit.  They don’t want anything messing with their ability to control something they are responsible for. They don’t want things to get weird, and they don’t want their respectability to be undermined.  Even though the Spirit is responsible for things we may not understand, he is completely respectful and will not come places or do things that are unwanted or unwelcome.  This keeping the Holy Spirit at arms length has caused many to ask if he is even real at all!

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  • credit where credit is due

    Mother's day, 2022

    Bethany Paterson brings a message this Mother's Day.

    I am thankful for the selfless service of Moms!  They do so much without getting the credit they deserve.  Have you ever noticed how we do the same with the Holy Spirit?  Much of the time this is not because we are trying to withhold or steal credit, but we are typically not too good at knowing the ultimate source of things.  Was that me?  Was that God?  Was that just the tacos from last night?  Let's stop stifling the Holy Spirit in this way, and open the floodgates for him to teach and remind us of everything Jesus said!

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  • ready for more?

    May 1, 2022

    Pastor Rob begins our second series on the Holy Trinity.

    The idea of MORE in the church is a complicated one.  Many are interested in more emotion, or a more intense experience, without the corresponding life of faithful obedience.  We want more of our Jesus fix, which is absolutely fine, but we make it a thing unto itself instead of utilizing it as God intended.  It is a strange thing to want more of something that ultimately doesn’t matter, all while missing out on more of something that does.  If God called an audible, would you even recognize the sound of His voice?

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