We all have questions.  At various times and in certain seasons of life they can feel like ‘burning questions’ that demand answers, and so we go on an all out search to discover what is true.  Some questions are more important than others, and the same is true with answers.  Have you had questions that you needed an answer too, only to look back years later and wonder why that was ever so important to you?  But that didn’t make it any less urgent in its time.  While in this series we’re answering some of your questions, we hope at the same time to help us all see the ultimate answer!

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  • The power of water (part 1)

    AUGUST 19, 2018

    In Week 3, Pastor Rob talks about frequently asked questions about baptism.

    One of the things people ask about the most is baptism!  Do I have to do it?  If I did it as a child do I have to do it again?  Is there anything about the act of baptism itself that saves me?  There is something powerful that happens in the waters of baptism for sure, but knowing what that is and what it isn’t can be extremely helpful.  As we prepare for our baptism celebration we are going to remember some important pieces to this puzzle and learn more about it directly from a number of biblical accounts.

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  • trapped

    AUGUST 12, 2018

    This week Pastor Rob continues answering your questions.

    One of the great challenges of our day is what to do about, and how to minister to, those who are trapped in addiction, depression, or mental illness.  Sometimes the challenge is that these things have been seen as taboo and so when we face them we tend to do so secretly and with shame.  While there are no easy answers or quick fixes there are some things that God wants us to know and some first steps that can and will go a long way toward making a big difference.

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  • let's start here

    august 5, 2018

    This week Pastor Rob returns to the stage, addressing the questions you've submitted.

    For those who are newer to faith there are all kinds of questions.  Things like can I lose my salvation?  What happens to someone if they have never heard the name of Jesus?  How can sin really be all the same in God’s eyes?  And many more.  This week we are going to trudge into these waters and answer these types of questions.  While Christians may disagree about the answers, join us for a fair and balanced approach to them.  May this give us life and help us to see Jesus!

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