Christmas will be here before we know it, and while our world has not completely (and may possibly never) return to what we like to think of as normal, we plan to celebrate in good old New Hope fashion!  We are offering multiple options, across multiple days, leading up to Christmas.  We would love for you to invite your friends and neighbors to join us, not only for our Christmas Eve celebrations, but for the entire month of December, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior!  We'll be focused on trying to be less busy, creating more space for Jesus, in a creative series called... "Throne Room!"

No tickets this year

Typical Christmas Eve celebrations here at New Hope include multiple contemporary experiences, followed by one somewhat traditional-style candlelight gathering at 11pm on Christmas Eve.

    This year's Schedule:

        December 23rd - 8pm

        December 24th - 5pm


        December 24th - 11pm (unique candlelight service)

For the past few years, we have given out free tickets as a way for people to reserve seats for the Gathering of their choice.  This allows us to monitor our auditorium capacity by tracking the number of people planning to come.  This will most likely not be an issue this year, so we will not worry about using tickets.  Feel free to attend any and all Gatherings of your choice!

If you are not planning to join us "in-person" but would like to tune in online, we will be Livestreaming the celebrations on both our Facebook Page AND our YouTube Channel.

Breakfast Club

For those of you who didn't know, all throughout the COVID Quarantine season, our Sunday morning worship experience was not LIVE.  We made it appear to be, so that everyone could continue to have what felt like normal Sunday morning church... as much as possible under the circumstances.  We conducted the experience, from Countdown to Closing, on Thursday evenings.  We did everything, including how we talked and dressed, as if it were Sunday morning, and we recorded the entire thing.  This allowed us to edit and fix any technical problems, as well as gave us 8 months of PRACTICE before needing to be able to actually stream a LIVE experience without errors.

On Sunday mornings, there were a handful of guys who would gather at the church to use the production equipment to stream the created worship experience video on YouTube and Facebook.  This group of men would meet early, cook breakfast, and enjoy the experience together from the Conference Room.  Pastor Rob would do a Facebook Live video about 30 minutes before the Gathering started, always wearing the same clothes that he did on Thursday night, just as another small detail to try to help create the LIVE 'normal as possible' feel of everyone's Sunday morning worship experience.  This small group time on Sunday mornings at New Hope became known as "Breakfast Club," and it ended a year ago in November when we resumed in-person gatherings.

So you may be asking... "Why in the world are they telling us this now, and on the Christmas INFO page?"

With the date of Christmas falling on a Saturday this year, it puts us in a somewhat awkward position when it comes to asking our volunteers to be here.  And so we have decided to do something unique.

Breakfast Club - returning December 26th...  AND YOU ARE INVITED!

Rather than asking our staff to try to manage filling their areas for multiple Christmas Eve Gatherings, and then turn around and fill those areas again two days later for Sunday worship, we have decided to pre-record for Sunday, December 26th, and stream it at our usual  9 & 11am times.

This means that while we will still have our two normal gathering times that Sunday, the kids ministry areas will be closed, and the cafe will be closed.  There won't be greeters at the doors saying hello, and there won't be anything happening LIVE on the stage.  However, there will be people cooking breakfast, and a worship gathering will be taking place at both 9am and 11am... it'll just be up on the screens.

If you are planning to attend worship IN-PERSON at either of the two Gathering times, we would like to ask you to let us know!  In order to prepare a proper amount of food, we need to know how many people are coming.  Please sign up at the HUB, or using the Connection Card from the SCOOP, or send Shelley an email.  Thanks!

December 26th