2020 has been a year like no other, certainly nothing like anyone would have ever expected.  And while there are no signs that the Christmas season will be any different, we plan to worship our Savior and celebrate His birth, just as we do every year!  Because Jesus brings HOPE to a fallen, dark and lost world.  Last year nearly 800 people attended our Gatherings for Christmas!  We offered opportunities to celebrate and worship on 3 different days leading up to Christmas, allowing for a large number of people to hear about Jesus!  Encouraging a large attendance this year would be irresponsible, so while things will still look different just like everything else right now, we're planning to gather in person for a reflective experience on Christmas Eve.   

FREE Tickets

Typical Christmas Eve celebrations here at New Hope include multiple contemporary experiences, followed by one somewhat traditional-style candlelight gathering at 11pm on Christmas Eve.  This year, in an effort to simplify things and minimize the large variety of people gathering in one place, we will combine the experiences into one reflective time of worship at 11pm on December 24th.

With just over 100 chairs set up in the auditorium, and not wanting to exceed that many people all here at the same time, we want you to "let us know you're coming" by reserving a ticket for this Gathering.  The tickets are free, and you don't even have to bring a physical ticket with you when you come to the Gathering.  Nobody will be collecting tickets at the door, and while we don't want people showing up who didn't reserve a seat, we will try to accommodate every single person who shows up.

**UPDATE... Dec. 14th, 2020**

These tickets were "first come, first serve," and they are almost all gone.  Please call the office at (419) 994-1112 to check on the few remaining seats.

If you were not able to get a seat "in-person" please consider joining us online.  We will be Livestreaming the celebration, starting at 10:45pm, on both our Facebook Page AND our YouTube Channel.  We can all still worship and welcome our Savior together this Christmas!