Last year nearly 900 people attended our Gatherings for Christmas!  We offered opportunities to celebrate and worship on 3 different days leading up to Christmas, allowing for a large number of people to hear about Jesus!  If you help us spread the word, we really believe we can push that number up to 1,000!  We strongly encourage everyone to intentionally seek out a friend to invite to our Christmas Celebration!

FREE Tickets

If 400 people all show up at the same time for our Christmas Celebration, we simply cannot accommodate.  In an effort to avoid this issue, we are asking everyone to "let us know when you're coming" by reserving a ticket for the Gathering you'd like to attend.  The tickets are free, and you don't even have to bring a physical ticket with you when you come to the Gathering.  Nobody will be collecting tickets at the door, and we will do everything we can to provide a seat for every single person who shows up.

We are simply asking everyone to be intentional about which Gathering you'd like to attend and/or to which Gathering you'd like to bring a guest, and then actually request the appropriate number of tickets for those Gatherings.  Maybe you'd like to attend more than one... that's AWESOME!  Just grab a ticket for each of the Gatherings you'd like to attend.  Tracking the number of tickets reserved will allow us to be prepared for how many people are coming.  There are 200 tickets available for each of the 4 primary Gatherings.

You can get your tickets at the HUB on Sunday mornings, in the office during the week, or you can reserve them digitally by clicking on the link below.


Gathering Times

There will be FOUR identical Christmas Gatherings:

Sunday the 22nd at 9:00 am (BLUE ticket)

Sunday the 22nd at 11:01 am (YELLOW ticket)

Monday the 23rd at 7:00 pm (GREEN ticket)

Tuesday the 24th at 4:00 pm (RED ticket)

There will also be a unique candlelight Gathering on Christmas Eve at 11:00 pm.  You do not need a ticket for this one, but with a slightly more traditional format, this Gathering has become more and more popular every year.  Two years ago the room was nearly full, even during a snow storm!


The reason we celebrate this season is because of the amazing gift God gave to us in the form of sending baby Jesus to live among us so that He could ultimately sacrifice himself in our place.  We are talking about Him this Christmas as THE WAY IN A MANGER.  How will YOU respond to this gift?

We would love for you to choose to be more involved...

First, would you consider serving?  Choose a ministry area to serve in, and commit to it for 2020.  At the very least, sign up to participate in one of the next SHAPE classes (Dec. 2019 or April 2020), which will help show you how God has designed you to serve.

Second, will you faithfully give?  The amount is insignificant.  What matters is that you do it regularly, trusting that God will provide for your needs.  Beyond that, would you consider a special year-end gift?  Doing so will help us begin 2020 in a strong way that positions us to make an eternal difference in our church, our community, and around the world.  Please be in prayer about what God might have you give in response to His gift this Christmas season.

Finally, will you invite someone to our Christmas Celebration?  There are many people around us who have never even considered going to church because nobody has ever personally invited them.  This is a time of year when those people are more receptive.  Grab a few invite cards, available at the HUB and both main exits.  Be intentional about inviting 1-2 people.  Keep checking with them until you get an answer, and if they commit, get them tickets to the Gathering they want to attend.  You just might know someone who is earnestly looking for THE WAY IN A MANGER!