Current Protocols

We are continuing to see more and more of a return to pre-covid life, however the New Hope leadership team continues to be open to how different people might view our current circumstances in different ways.  We are always willing to make appropriate adjustments as they are deemed necessary.  Here is what you might currently find here at New Hope on a Sunday morning.   *Updated... July 2022
  • You will experience a moderately touchless experience, as we installed hands-free toilets, faucets, and soap/hand sanitizer dispensers.  We have returned to normal operation in our cafe.  If you touch items and surfaces that may have been touched by other people, you are encouraged to use hand sanitizer, available in multiple locations around the building.
  • Everyone is welcome to choose for themselves if they wear a mask in the building.  We do have masks available on-site.
  • The chairs in the auditorium continue to be arranged in socially distanced rows, maintaining a capacity of 170, which is about 70 less than it was pre-covid.  We have been averaging 90 people in the auditorium at any given time.
  • BOTH the 9am & the 11am Gatherings continue to be streamed LIVE on Facebook & YouTube.  Tune in at either time to worship with us, or check them out anytime later.

*Please note that while we are slowly returning to the large number of in-person attendance we were used to before, we still do not have the same number of people serving in volunteer roles yet.  It requires a significant number of volunteers for our Sunday morning Gatherings to operate at the high level we used to, so if something doesn't seem right, it could be because we are short handed.  If you'd like to consider joining our volunteer team, helping to make things a little more efficient, please let us know!

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What effect did COVID-19 have on us reconvening our Sunday Gatherings?

After 30 weeks of strictly online worship, we decided to resume our Sunday morning, in-person Gatherings on November 1st!  If you are not ready or able to attend, don't worry... we have continued live-streaming!  We understand that there are always going to be people on both sides of all the issues surrounding this pandemic.  We pray that you are willing to show grace to both the New Hope leadership, as well as each other, while we continue to slowly navigate these circumstances.  The messages below from Pastor Rob outlined our initial efforts last November.