Trip Hazard

Life is full of challenging elements we all learn to manage in order to be healthy.  Current realities are hard enough without revisiting our past struggles and failures as well.  So how do we acknowledge and deal with what has happened in appropriate ways that allow us to move forward instead of staying stuck in the past?  If you too have a problem repeatedly stumbling over the same things, this series is for you!  It’s all about learning to avoid our own trip hazards and live with greater levels of victory!

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  • enough is enough

    MARCH 28, 2021

    Pastor Rob concludes this series urging us to move forward.

    Why does one person stay stuck and another find freedom?  Have you had moments in life where you wanted to do something but didn’t, and other times where you actually made it happen?  Do you know what the difference was?  All of us wish we could bottle that magic and use it when needed.  Today as we conclude our Trip Hazard series, it is time to move forward.  We've given ourselves permission to be exactly where we are, without stigma, but moving toward a place of greater health is the last step.  Watch this Message, and allow God to nudge you closer to the person you were made to be!

  • nancy

    MARCH 21, 2021

    This week Pastor Rob talks about being "stuck in a rut."

    What do I do when I am stuck?  When I keep tripping over the same things again and again, and see no path to a different or better life?  Have you ever felt like this?  I am sure we’ve all been stuck a time or two, but what is it that keeps us trapped?  For some of us, it was little things that we now look back at and laugh.  For others of us, this issue is much more permanent and serious.  This week we are going to discover something so simple that most of us won’t believe it could ever work.  But it does!  If you want to stop tripping over the same thing, check out this message!

  • watch your mouth

    MARCH 14, 2021

    This week Pastor Rob sheds light on some of the dumb things, well-meaning christians say, that trip others up.

    I have distinct childhood memories of being picked on and made fun of - I think virtually everyone does.  I remember my mom teaching me a saying that many of us learned at times like these… “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me!”  As we have all gotten older and wiser, we have discovered that while words don’t break bones, they absolutely do have the power to wound and hurt us.  In this Message, let's look at a number of ways that our words can be some of the worst trip hazards.

  • i've fallen and i can't get up

    march 7, 2021

    Pastor Rob opens this series with some words about hard times.

    Have you ever tripped and fallen?  How about bad enough that you had to lay there for a minute, determining if you were even able to get up?  One of the challenges we face in the church is that we are constantly living in the messy middle.  We are no longer fully stuck in sin, and things are being redeemed, but we have not fully realized our perfect future reality yet either.  We have fallen.  The hazards all around us are real.  And getting up is never as easy as we may think.