Throne Room

Do you ever feel like God isn’t listening to you?  When the prophets of Baal cried out for their god to send down fire on the altar, there was no response.  Elijah taunted them by saying, “Maybe your god is busy!  Maybe he is in the bathroom and can’t hear you…  cry out louder!”  For this year’s Christmas series, we’re going to find out what is blocking our communication with the Savior of the World! Could it be that WE are the busy ones?

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  • will you say yes?

    DECEMBER 26, 2021

    Pastor Rob closes out the year challenging us to say 'yes' to what Jesus has for us in 2022.

    Mary said yes to some things that would have been impossible to comprehend, especially for such a young girl.  Just think of all the things Jesus said yes to, and all the incredible things that have opened the door for you and me.  Is Christmas one of the times where God seems to speak most clearly?  Absolutely!  Is our hectic pace at this time of year the main problem?  No.  We are all going to have busy seasons in life.  The question is how are we going to live all the rest of it.

  • mind flush


    This Christmas Pastor Rob talks about clearing our minds in order to be able to focus on the voice of God.

    “I feel so bad.  We’ve been talking all month about busyness keeping us from God, and this may be the busiest week of my year.  I have seven family Christmas celebrations to attend, and it is going to require a miracle for me to even make one of our Christmas gatherings at church this week to worship the Newborn King.  No wonder I can never seem to hear from God.”  So we feel bad,  allow guilt, and are plagued by a posture of unworthiness.  Sometimes the problem is not with our external schedules but with the noise in our heads.

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  • clog cures

    DECEMBER 19, 2021

    As we approach Christmas, Pastor Rob gives us some advice on unclogging the lines of communication with the Father.

    As we’ve been learning, God is never too busy for us, and we are almost always too busy for Him.  So what do we do about this?  It is not like we can quit our jobs, bail on our family and friends, clear our schedules, and live the rest of our lives as monks in a monastery.  Are we doomed to having clogged lines of communication with God for the rest of our lives, or is there something that can be done to improve this?

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  • Tub vs. toilet

    DECEMBER 12, 2021

    In Week 2, Pastor Rob encourages us to identify and limit the clutter that distracts us from hearing God.

    I’m sure you can relate to the idea that adulthood is thinking 'next week will be less busy' over and over again until you die.  We are all so busy.  Filling in every free spot in our calendars, all but eliminating every inch of margin from our lives, and then wondering why we have no time, energy, or ability to hear.  Even the places we should have some peace and quiet, and historically have… we’ve mostly filled those with busyness and noise as well.  Do we even realize we're doing this?

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  • busy

    december 5, 2021

    This week Pastor Rob starts our Christmas series looking at the question... "Is God ever too busy to answer our prayers?"

    Have you ever heard someone claim that God spoke to them? Were you curious about what they meant? Many of us have had times where we were desperate to hear from God, but it seemed like He wasn’t talking back. Maybe He’s just too busy for us, we thought, and unable to respond. But if God was going to talk, wouldn’t Christmas be one of the prime moments we should expect such a thing? Then what's the problem?

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