The Church Has Left the Building

Christian author Alan Hirsch said, “If you want to learn how to play chess, you should start by removing your own queen.  Once you’ve mastered the game without the most powerful piece, then put the queen back in and see how good you are!  For the church, the Sunday service is our queen.  We’ve been relying on it too much.  Now that the queen has been taken off the board it’s time to rediscover what all the other pieces can do.”  As the church has temporarily left the building, and before we add our most powerful piece back to the board, let’s pause and ask God if He has accomplished all He wants to, in each of us, during this transitional moment in human history.

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  • in good hands

    JUNE 28, 2020

    This week Pastor Rob finishes the series encouraging us for the future ahead.

    Everyone who has children has faced moments of doubt.  Are these little humans going to turn out ok, or has my influence created permanent and lasting damage?  As the generations who have always gone to church each week get older, and their kids and grandkids are not following suite at the same level they did, a pandemic can cause us to wonder what is going to happen to the church after these faithful servants are gone?  In this message, we honestly explore a potentially painful question, the answer of which threatens the very foundation of something many of us have spent our entire lives building.

  • legacy

    Father's Day, 2020

    On this Father's Day, Pastor Rob directs our focus towards the lasting impact we can all have on others, even after we're gone.

    For me it started early in my adult life and has built into something that is constantly on my mind.  What is my life all about?  Am I living up to my potential?  What difference am I making here on this planet?  After I am gone, will my time on earth continue to matter and make a difference?  Maybe you haven’t thought about it much, but what will your legacy be?  While so many things that detract from lasting impact constantly flicker temptingly before our eyes, doing a few simple things well really adds up.

  • Gather vs. scatter

    JUNE 14, 2020

    This week Pastor Rob talks about the reason for gathering.

    Ideally the church is suppose to live in a constant rhythm of gathering and scattering.  We gather together each week for worship, encouragement, and learning.  Then we scatter out into the world in order to share the light and life of Jesus.  For many of us church has become way more about gathering for an hour or so a week than scattering to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Church has become something we do and a place we go more than who we are.  Join us and discover something God wants us to know about life outside the building!

  • Escape the suck

    June 7, 2020

    This week Pastor Rob returns to the NH stage with some words regarding the current turbulent circumstances in our country.

    Have you ever worked your fingers to the bone only to look at your todo list and see it has more on it than when your day began?  If we are not careful life has a way of sucking us in.  And with the tense realities in our culture right now, this force working to pull us off center is more powerful than ever.  Everyone has an opinion, each perspective has a doctor, and armed with multiple social media platforms, we engage, and get pulled completely in.  While engagement is good, we never want to lose focus.  Join us this weekend as we kick off a conversation about how the church has left the building.  No matter your location, let’s learn how to escape the suck!