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Have you ever noticed how much Christians talk about the Bible?  Sometimes we are even known as “people of the book.”  We are passionate about the scriptures.  We believe them.  We want to apply them in our lives.  We know that they have the power to change and improve things, but with all that fervor, other than what we hear at church, and perhaps the verse of the day on YouVersion, we don’t actually read them much.  In fact, only 11% of American Christians say they have read the entire Bible even just one time.

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  • a new routine

    JANUARY 26, 2020

    In the final week of the series, we hear from Chris McClelland.

    The Bible is full of words like, “As they had done previously” and “As was their custom.”  These expressions or figures of speech reveal things that a person or group of people have done consistently over and over again.  If you have never successfully done something, it can seem like an impossibility for you.  But even the people who inspire us by their consistency and ability started in the same place we all do.  Maybe you have never read the Bible every day, or even every week, for a year.  Maybe reading the entire thing seems more like a life goal than a year goal to you.  As we conclude this series, we are all invited to choose a new behavior, and start a new routine, that will change everything!

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  • give me the good stuff

    JANUARY 19, 2020

    This week Pastor Rob calls for more good stuff in our lives.

    I love Doritos.  Movie theater popcorn dripping with butter and dusted with salt has a similar appeal.  Is there anyone else that could eat an entire loaf of homemade bread right out of the oven?  As delicious as those things are, and as enjoyable as the momentary pleasure may be, I much prefer how I look and feel when I make better choices.  So most of the time, I choose to consume the good stuff over the fun stuff.  But reading the Bible is not a punitive sentence for past bad behavior.  It is a powerful activity that alters our lives.  Let's expect to be equipped as we feast on the scriptures.

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  • no more junk

    JANUARY 12, 2020

    Beyond having a balanced diet of the Bible, Pastor Rob teaches about removing some of the bad stuff from our lives as well.

    As we have entered a new year, so many are filled with optimism about the possibilities of the coming twelve months.  But if we are honest, we have had similar excitement in the past that quickly waned as we failed to accomplish anything that lasted.  Many times we even move in the wrong direction despite our best intentions to improve.  Just like there are things we have to remove from our diet in order to lose weight and become healthier, there are things in our lives that are less than God-honoring. Removing those things will improve health, but doing so on our own is a challenge.

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  • a healthy diet

    january 5, 2020

    Pastor Rob begins 2020 with strong encouragement to make this the year of the Bible.

    If you want to be healthy physically, there is nothing you can do that will have even close to the same effect as dialing in your diet.  Unless you do endless cardio with the intensity of a world class athlete, there is no way you can exercise enough to counteract a terrible diet.  There is just no substitute for a steady and balanced intake of healthy fuel.  And just like we all have favorite foods (even healthy ones), we all have favorite parts of the Bible that we tend to return to over and over again.  But we need consistent balance. Join us this week as we discuss the game changing practice of getting a steady diet from all of the Bible!

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