Puppet Master

We spend so much of our lives trying to control our spouse, our family, and our circumstances.  While control is mostly an illusion, we can control our reactions to the things life brings our way.  It is time to start becoming a people who trust God, who let tomorrow worry about itself, and who live fully present lives in each and every day.  Let’s invite God to help us to stop trying to manage all the puppet strings we get tangled up in, and instead simply cut them loose!

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  • Keep it up!?

    OCTOBER 31, 2021

    Pastor Rob closes out this unique series talking about using control to hide our weaknesses.

    It is called “putting your best foot forward” and everyone does it.  It is the smartest approach.  We do this on first dates, in job interviews, and when meeting our special someone’s parents.  The dark side of this is that we can develop masks, project a fake persona, and start to feel like we can never be honest or expose any of our weaknesses.  We get caught in a cycle of keeping up appearances and reinforcing unrealistic expectations.  While we don’t just want to let it all hang out everywhere we go, God has a better way for us to live.

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  • control freak

    OCTOBER 24, 2021

    This week Pastor Rob addresses those of us who tend to take control to the extreme.

    Does anyone else try to take charge and control the things they seemingly have influence over?  In our culture, people who do this well can appear impressive, and we say they are good leaders.  In a challenging or difficult situation, we appreciate people who can make things happen.  But every good thing can be taken too far.  People abuse this skill.  Others who have benefitted from it, over time, can begin to feel forced or manipulated.  Check out this message as we expose when helpful influence becomes freakish control, and discover a powerful antidote to this problem!

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  • trip hazard

    OCTOBER 17, 2021

    Pastor Rob returns to the stage this week to continue this series on control.

    I have so many childhood memories from family vacations with my sister and parents.  But as warm and inviting as that may sound, to be honest those experiences were colored by stress and tension that even us kids could feel.  The reason can be summed up in a simple statement… One of our parents wanted to enjoy the journey and the other wanted to arrive at the destination.  While both of these things can be important, learning that they each have a place and how they work together is extremely important.

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  • knock it off!

    october 3, 2021

    This week Pastor Rob starts a creative new series about control.

    Have you ever noticed how much of each day we spend thinking or worrying about tomorrow? Or next week? Or next month? When we live in this mode we end each day zapped of energy with most of our todo list still undone. What if there was a way to worry less, accomplish more, and infuse greater joy into each and every day? If you have felt stuck in that other way of living, this may not seem possible for you, but it is! Join us this week as God invites us to greater trust, a more manageable life, and a level of fulfillment we never knew we could enjoy.

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