Teenagers talk about being dissed.  When someone gets dissed, it is the process of stomping all over a person’s character, reputation, hopes, and dreams.  Has someone ever dissed you with words or behavior pointed in your direction? Sometimes it can even seem like life itself is doing this to us - like the universe is out to get us.  And if we are being completely honest, while we have moments of strength, the weight of things like this can stop us in our tracks.  How often do you seem to face seasons of mental, physical, or emotional paralysis?

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  • you got this!

    NOVEMBER 22, 2020

    This week Pastor Rob finishes the series with some encouragement.

    The past few weeks we’ve looked at when the difficulties of life contribute more, not less, to a sense to paralysis.  For many of us, when we see others struggling in these ways, we attempt to help with some rah-rah style encouragement.  And while compliments from others often don’t seem to have much of an effect, there are times when someone we respect, who we didn’t expect to hear from, speaks.  And their words penetrate in ways that begin to change things.  Join us this week as we invite God to press us forward to a better future!

  • i am not myself

    NOVEMBER 15, 2020

    Pastor Rob continues the idea of paralysis.

    Has life ever gotten you to the point where you just don’t feel like yourself anymore?  I am not talking about a difficult season or the sensation of being a little off, but like that person you have always been, and kinda liked, is no more.  And the one who now remains is somewhat darker, colder, and lesser.  We have names for this like mid-life crisis, or we tie it to significant shifts like menopause. But the reality is what takes place inside causes some of us to check-out, like we are just stuck… unable to do anything about it.  This week we look to God for hope in a time when life has us completely disoriented.

  • Afraid of the dark?

    NOVEMBER 8, 2020

    This week Pastor Rob addresses fear.

    It’s pretty common for a kid to need a cracked door or a night light for them to feel comfortable in the face of darkness.  In this same way, most of us are susceptible to the darkness that comes from the disses of life.  And discouragement’s greatest ally is fear.  In almost all biblical passages that talk about discouragement, we also find the phrase "do not be afraid.”  Fear leeches courage from us.  Fear causes us to see the worst scenarios.  Fear blinds us to the possibility of what courage could achieve.  Fear paralyzes us.  Instead of being pushed around by fear, let's discover how to dispel the darkness!

  • dis, dat & de next ting

    November 1, 2020

    This week Pastor Rob talks about how taking issue with every little thing is a never-ending situation.

    We just spent an entire month talking about engaging the words of God in ways that are powerful and nourishing. It blows me away how we can have such meaningful times with God, and then, in almost the next breath, get crushed by the world. An unkind interaction… a situation going drastically different than we’d hoped or imagined… a pandemic that leaves us with more questions than answers eight months in… an election that has everyone on edge and at each others throats. So much of the time, the weight of all this can stop us in our tracks; make us want to stay in bed and sleep until things are better. Fortunately, Joshua offers us hope in the face of paralysis.