Old School

Many people view the book of Acts, and the early church, as the prototype that we need to get back to.  Some think of it as the primitive church - a place from which we have progressed.  No matter how you see it, there are some powerful practices we can discover from these first Christians that will transform our lives today.   In this series we will drill deep into six verses that will reacquaint us with primitive practices that will add power to the daily lives of all who employ them!

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  • Funny math

    FEBRUARY 28, 2021

    Pastor Rob wraps up Old School with some numbers that just don't seem to add up.

    We live in a world full of funny math.  There are so many people telling us to "do this," and "buy that,” all promising it will add up to some impossible result.  Like most of us, if you have been suckered enough times, we can become jaded and pessimistic about anything and everything that sounds too good to be true.  But with God, and in the economy of the Kingdom, things work differently.  The three simple and primitive practices we have talked about this month truly add up to significantly more than the sum of their parts.

  • extravagance

    FEBRUARY 21, 2021

    In Week 3, Pastor Rob talks about how the early church was ALL IN!

    The notion of extravagance usually comes with negative connotations.  People tend to think of waste, irresponsibility, materialism, and hedonism.  In many ways the early church was surrounded by need and poverty, and while it has always seemed like there is never enough to go around, it is amazing how the people of God responded to these realities with tremendous extravagance both personally and corporately.  While we tend to see things from an earthly point of view and believe that if we give too much we will run out, it is amazing how God’s supply is endless.  He trusts us to share and pass on what He gives us to steward! Engage with us this week as we consider God’s invitation to a life of extravagance!

  • the fellowship conundrum

    FEBRUARY 14, 2021

    This week Chris McClelland talks about the importance of fellowship.

    One of the largest gaps that exists between us and the early church is how they shared life daily, in the temple courts and in their homes.  We want to make the same difference, but then look at one another and say, “see you next weekend,” and wonder why our impact is less.  Some don’t want to be part of a small group because sharing their life at that level seems far too risky.  Most are simply too busy, even if they wanted to.  Then add a pandemic that makes less congregating the recommended path, and it is easy to see how this powerful practice is assaulted on every side.  Check out this Message about what to do with the fellowship conundrum!

  • Following footsteps

    february 7, 2021

    Pastor Rob begins a new series about the Early Church.

    I remember teaching a class for people who wanted to partner with a local church.  After going through the expectations one person said, “It is kinda like at the country club. There are things they have to tell you, but nobody follows all of the rules.”  We live in a world where everyone likes to pick and choose.  We like this person’s thought on one thing, and another person’s perspective on something else, all the while making our own final decisions and discarding anything we would prefer not to deal with.  This week the Bible and the early church are going to challenge this type of existence, as we explore what it looks like to be devoted to the apostles teaching!