The Meaning of Life

When things happen in life, many ask questions like “why?” and attempt to find some kind of meaning in the good, the bad, and even the ugly. If you are the type of person who desperately seeks a reason (and we all are), the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes will be challenging to say the least. After my first time reading through it, when I was a college student, I wanted to rip it from my Bible and never see it again. But as we read and re-read this powerful work, it has a powerful connection to real life, and a way of re-focusing where we look for, and what we call, meaning. Check out this five week exploration of Ecclesiastes as we discover something significant together!

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  • words from the wise

    AUGUST 30, 2020

    Pastor Rob closes this series with some 'wise' words.

    Biblical wisdom literature gives us a great deal of guidance about how the wise handle words. Ecclesiastes reinforces some of the common thinking, but offers a couple of unique additions that are extremely valuable. Are you ever tempted to speak but are unsure if your words will help or hurt? Maybe there are times we don’t care about the outcome of what is said or heard, but we just need to “get it off our chest” and feel better ourselves. Tune in this week as we wrap up this series and discover some incredible tools and techniques for wielding words with wisdom and success!

  • the perks & pitfalls of life

    AUGUST 23, 2020

    This week Pastor Rob focuses on the ups and downs in our lives.

    We all want up and to the right!  Where life only ever gets better and better.  But after being around the block a time or two, you quickly discover that is not how our time on this planet tends to go.  Sometimes it seems like we get more blessings than we deserve, and other times it feels like life is trying to bury us alive.  While a manageable amount may be ok, that is not something guaranteed for anyone.  To top it off, some believe that faith delivers prosperity, so when difficulty strikes, it can seem like God is punishing us.

  • finding meaning in ecclesiastes

    AUGUST 16, 2020

    Pastor Rob reveals the hope in the book of Ecclesiastes.

    We have spent the last two weeks wading through the theme of meaningless in Ecclesiastes.  For many of us, the strange season of life that 2020 has been may cause you to feel like you have personally been experiencing this very thing the entire year so far.  So what do we do as people of faith?  How do we find meaning in all this?  That is the beauty of this great Old Testament book!  It doesn’t just leave us trapped in futility.  While it is not easy to see the first few times through, Ecclesiastes is helpful and hopeful.  You’ve made it this far, so don’t miss this week as we discover a new path and experience breakthrough together!

  • LOOK at me

    AUGUST 9, 2020

    Pastor Rob continues the study of Ecclesiastes with some thoughts on where we should be focusing our attention.

    What do you do when everything seems to be falling apart? Where do you look when the rules constantly change, and you no longer know which way is up? For so many people, God is a nice answer to life when everything is good. He also works when we are in the "getting better" phases, but when we are truly in deep, dark pits, we have a hard time trusting. We even wonder if God is real enough and strong enough to truly help. Take some time today to discover where to look when you are confronted with the meaninglessness of life!

  • looking in all the wrong places

    august 2, 2020

    Pastor Rob opens a study of the book of Ecclesiastes.

    Have you ever searched high and low for something, knowing it had to be in one or two places, only to exhaust yourself before finding it somewhere completely different?  No matter how many times we say “I just know it has to be here,” or how frustrated we get that our search is not proving to be successful, what we're looking for is not going to appear where it isn’t.  In Week 1 of our journey in the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes, we'll discover how sometimes the places we know to look, and have been taught to look, are not necessarily good and trustworthy locations.