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Have you ever said one thing, but people heard something else?  Ever find it easier to send a text rather than talk in person?  Or worse yet… have you tried talking to A about an issue you have with B?  That sort of triangulation is never good.  Communication is bizarre.  We have all grown up learning how to speak and relate to others on a daily basis, yet from friendships to families, coworkers to couples, communication is always a challenge.  As a matter of fact, when you get to the heart of most conflict, a communication issue is usually discovered.  Because of this universal struggle, we’re devoting an entire series to having some constructive conversation, seeking God’s wisdom in this mission critical realm of life!

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  • building is better

    MARCH 29, 2020

    Rob finishes up this communication topic talking about the power of encouragement.

    We like payback.  The movies in our culture celebrate revenge, and we see humility as a sign of weakness.  When people hurt us we want them to hurt back, usually blinded to the reality of how our actions escalate.  The Bible is packed with insightful thoughts about an approach to communication where virtually everyone wins in the end.  While it might be hard at first, taking these steps will revolutionize how your words begin working miracles!

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  • triangles of death

    MARCH 22, 2020

    In Week 3, Rob focuses on an incredibly poisonous element of communication.

    How we talk and to whom we do so is one of the most subtle and sinister areas where people disobey God.  We think that we are wiser and have more sophisticated approaches, but they often hurt others, seldom accomplishing the desired result.  God is crystal clear on this, and when we follow His lead we seldom stir up conflict.  This week we are going to see how a practice most churches endorse can go horribly wrong.  This is potentially the most critical week of the series!

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  • why are we so bad at this?

    MARCH 15, 2020

    This week Rob starts to break down the difficulties in our communication skills.

    It is obviously difficult to communicate with babies or small children. And if someone has a speech impediment or is deaf, this struggle makes perfect sense.  But as grown adults who have been talking for years, what excuse do we have?  This week we are going to wrestle with an old story that takes us back to ancient roots where this foundation began to crack and erode. Let's learn and grow together!

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  • the reason for the ratio

    March 8, 2020

    Today Roy Templeman returns to the stage and opens a brand new series on communication.

    God has instilled in us the ability to be more fruitful in our communication. There’s a particular ratio that’s obvious to us all, but we ignore it! We fail to unlock its power.  However, by the end of this message you will realize that God’s fingerprints are all over this simple advice, and you’ll have an accessible blueprint for successful communication!

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