We are always looking for a tip, trick, or shortcut.  Give me what I want, for the minimum amount of energy, effort, and cost possible.  This is true in our physical lives and our spiritual life as well.  One of the side effects is that we try to consume the truth of the scriptures in bite sized, toned down, and tamed chunks.  The end result being what we actually receive no longer bears much resemblance to the actual sacred text.  We began 2020 by declaring it as the year of the Bible.  As Christians we are the people of the book.  This series is a call to begin treating it as so much more than just a book of spells.

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  • who is that masked man?

    OCTOBER 25, 2020

    As Halloween approaches, Pastor Rob casts one final spell.

    Are you a person who really gets into Halloween?  Do you decorate for it?  Plan and invest in an outstanding costume each year?  Whether this describes you or not, as you think back throughout your life, is there a costume or mask you remember being your favorite?  As we conclude this series, Incantation, the week of Halloween, and the week before we begin re-gathering in person, I want to talk about our plan from a practical and biblical perspective.  I remember my favorite mask as a kid, and one thing hasn’t changed - I hated wearing it.  There is truth on every side of this issue, and we invite you to engage with an open heart!

  • magic bullet

    OCTOBER 18, 2020

    Pastor Rob continues to encourage us to think deeper when it comes to God's Word.

    Get rich quick schemes.  Fat melting weight loss pills.  Three easy steps to instant spiritual power.  There is something these, and all similar statements have in common.  If it sounds too good to be true, it almost always is!  The only magic bullet is the truth that there is no magic bullet.  So instead of chasing down endless shortcuts, there are tried and true things that have always worked, and continue to be just as effective as ever.  In fact, they’re easier and faster to implement than taking multiple paths that don’t work at all.  Let's discover the best antidote to treating the Bible like a magic book, and find an approach that always succeeds!

  • Double Double toil & trouble

    OCTOBER 11, 2020

    This week Pastor Rob conjures up a special brew.

    Abracadabra!  Wallah!  Tada!  Shazam!  These words may sound fitting the closer we get to Halloween, but in relationship to a life of faith and the Bible, they can all sound a little Hocus Pocus, like gibberish that just doesn’t make much sense.  One struggle that has existed through the history of the Bible is just how much access “regular people” should have to this holy book?  Just like keeping the scriptures from the people of God was a problem, today many use it in any way they want, to say and do anything they want, which is also problematic.

  • no thank you bite

    October 4, 2020

    Pastor Rob begins this new series about our book of spells.

    Most kids seem to start off as picky eaters.  So, for as long as there have been families, there have also been endless strategies attempting to get children to try new foods.  One of those schemes to Jedi Mind Trick unsuspecting youngsters is the “No Thank You Bite!”  If they have to eat at least one bite, the logic goes, then they may discover they like something before being allowed to leave the table or receive an entirely new meal.  Join us this week as we learn why such a technique does not usually work with food, or with the Bible, and encounter a better approach that will change us all from the inside out!