I Am Right!

Being “right" is very important to Americans.  Knowing and sharing accurate truth is especially important to American Christians.  But we should never forget that “truth” in the Bible is not a set of facts and figures we are to get correct, but rather a person named Jesus Christ, who was and is God.  Somewhere along the way, we have gotten "being right" and "growing in our Christlikeness" muddled together and confused for one another.  Heading toward the 2020 Presidential Election, what a perfect time to rediscover what is truly important to God, and repent of the ways we’ve missed the mark and gotten it all wrong.

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  • How would jesus vote?

    SEPTEMBER 27, 2020

    Pastor Rob wraps up the series talking politics with Brent Badger.

    Jesus was always changing the rules.  Something that had always been right one way, was updated, changed, and sometimes even flipped on its head.  And it especially infuriated those who were religious.  The frequency with which Jesus did this should let us know, at least from HIS perspective, that there are things more important than following the rules and being right.  In the same way, I am sure many of you have heard others say that a Christian “ought to” or even “has to” vote a certain way, based on certain issues.  How do you think Jesus would vote if he were going to the polls this November!

  • agree to disagree

    SEPTEMBER 20, 2020

    This week Bethany Paterson shares about handling disagreements.

    It used to be that two thoughtful individuals could have a conversation about a topic, each from their own different perspectives, and they could end the conversation just as much friends as when it began.  Disagreement didn’t destroy anything, in fact it even served to strengthen one's critical thinking skills and knowledge base.  While we may never get to the same page, we could, as friends, agree to disagree.  When did we lose that ability?  When did our “rightness” begin to matter more than our relationships?  Let’s let Jesus remind us which of those HE cares more about.

  • _______ Lives matter

    SEPTEMBER 13, 2020

    This week Pastor Rob and guest, Andy Holt, touch on the BLM issue.

    There are so many things in our world which seem to be dividing us more than ever.  Our politics, our views on COVID-19, and our perspectives on issues of race and equality.  These sort of things have flared up in 2020, and tensions are high.  To add gasoline to this fire, most people approach these issues with what they know to be true, on an intellectual and emotional level.  And BOTH SIDES, armed with their facts and feelings, are certain they are right.  When you see the phrase “_____ lives matter,” what do you put in the blank?  Which word do you think God would insert?

  • is being right ever wrong?

    september 6, 2020

    This week Pastor Rob opens a series that could get a little testy, as he poses the idea that sometimes even when you're right, you're wrong!

    Many of us think that being right is never wrong.  But how does that work when your significant other asks, “Do these jeans make me look fat?”  You might believe something like this is largely trivial and that facts and figures, truth and accuracy, matter even more as the importance of the issue increases.  But remember, the Apostle Paul told the church in Ephesus to speak the truth in love, and Jesus himself arrived on planet earth full or grace and truth.  Things that seem somewhat opposed, and yet God places them together.  And for many of us, we may be surprised where God places even greater emphasis.