The Hot Part

Have you ever noticed that people tend to talk about Hell either far too much, or hardly ever, if at all?  For some, Hell is a big stick that when waived in a menacing fashion can produce what they see as positive results - albeit guilt-ridden.  For others, they prefer to stick their heads in the sand and believe that such a place just doesn’t exist. After all… love, grace, and forgiveness are the stars of the show, aren’t they?  So what’s the deal with Hell?  In this series we’ll have an honest and biblical conversation about what happens after we die, and why that should inform how we live!

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  • heat stroke

    JUNE 27, 2021

    Pastor Rob closes out the series on Hell.

    This Hell conversation seems so black and white for some… Those who have faith in Jesus go to Heaven, and those who reject the free gift of God’s salvation go to Hell. But there are many other parts that raise questions and create confusion. And not just among people who don’t want to deal with difficult topics, but with pastors, theologians, and scholars who love Jesus and give the Bible the respect and authority it deserves. As we conclude this conversation on Hell we are going to deal with some of these things so we can think clearly and not allow the heat to get to us!

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  • there is a battle

    JUNE 20, 2021

    Pastor Rob is joined by his son, Christopher, for this Father's Day Message.

    It is very easy to do the 'right things' when our children are young and more obviously vulnerable.  But what about when they get older?  What happens when they have other things they want to prioritize over God?  Should we support them believing that will make a bigger difference than forcing them to do what we think?  The truth is that being a parent is difficult, and there are no easy answers.

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  • Ta hell with it

    JUNE 13, 2021

    Pastor Rob continues the conversation about hell.

    The questions about what happens after we die, and what we can do about it now, are ones that have caused a lot of debate, and even conflict.  What do we do when we have loved ones who pass on that had little or no interest in the things of God?  Do we wrestle with the notion that they could be in Hell, choose the nicer idea that everyone goes to Heaven, or just avoid this altogether and say ta Hell with it all!?!?  In this Message, let's discover how our lives inform how we approach this topic, and learn some of the foundational things we all need to know!

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  • Is this where you want to be when jesus comes back?

    june 6, 2021

    Elder Jim Culler opens this hot topic.

    The Good News has to actually be good, but it doesn't matter how good something sounds if it’s not even true.  This is a significant issue when approaching the concept of Hell from both a cultural and Christian perspective.  There are some who speak of Hell in ways that aren't even distantly connected to anything good, and others who prefer to pretend it doesn’t even exist.  Some who live their lives in fear of slipping up, and others who live carelessly thinking the man in the sky has paid the bill, so they can do whatever they want.  Let's talk about Hell.