Economic Atheist

Money makes most people do things and live in ways that are strange.  And this seemingly powerful hold is not much different for people of faith. In fact, our finances are the one area of life where Christians most live like atheists!  In this series we’ll discuss this phenomenon and learn how to avoid being an economic atheist!

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  • how you sabbath

    FEBRUARY 23, 2020

    In the final week of Economic Atheist, Pastor Rob connects our giving with the Sabbath, while Rick & Sandy Morrison share how giving has affected them.

    Sabbath provides two things that are essential for any life that consistently thrives.  A brake from work and a brake for worship.  Wait.  Isn’t this a series about how to handle money like someone who believes in and follows God?  What in the world does that have to do with the sabbath?

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  • why i tithe

    FEBRUARY 16, 2020

    This week Pastor Rob, along with a personal testimony from Todd Laser, talk about the tithe.

    Sometimes people don’t give more because of math.  After they look at what is coming in and what is going out, there is just no wiggle room to do so.  Even when this or other hurdles don’t exist, it is much easier to chip in a few bucks than to give 10% or more.  Honestly, why would anyone ever even do that?

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  • the fence of favor

    FEBRUARY 9, 2020

    Rob & Kendra Deiss join Pastor Rob this week to offer a special testimony.

    While much of the time God gives us a lot of latitude, there are areas where God’s direction is both clear and specific.  When God builds a fence, His favor exists on the inside, while outside of it His power is nullified.  Come discover two major areas where God clearly sets up such a structure, allowing us to tap into His power and blessing.  We may be living as atheists, and suffering for it, in more areas than we even know.

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  • it's a steal

    february 2, 2020

    Pastor Rob returns to the stage to kick off a new series about money.

    Did you know that work and toil are not just a consequence of “the fall” but a good gift from God as well?  And in order for everything to work, we must also work.  Our work itself, and sometimes what we earn from it, allows us to give back and contribute.  So maybe we should consider giving more than we take, as well as change the way we treat “taking.”  If we do not participate in the “giving” piece, it really is a form of stealing. That way of life is only for economic atheists!

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