Church Drugs

Many times people respond to a call to get in the game.  To get on the field, and become more of a contributor instead of merely consuming.  It makes sense that there is a time for everyone to go from being a stowaway to swabbing the decks occasionally.  But the problem is, that shift is usually contingent on us getting something in return.  A feeling.  An emotion.  A spiritual high.  And when that runs out, so does our motivation to continue pitching in.  Instead of merely serving, what does it look like for us to allow God to shape and mold us, giving us the heart of a servant?

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  • buzz kill

    SEPTEMBER 26, 2021

    In this final week Pastor Rob encourages us to be of sober mind, to sit at the feet of Jesus daily, and to follow him whole-heartedly.

    It is easy to think that the people who seem the most passionate, who raise their hands the highest, and who are moved to tears the most, must be the most spiritual among us.  And while it is true that emotion is an important part of every area in life, those are also the ones most susceptible to saying “it just doesn’t feel the same anymore,” running dry, and checking out.  While it is a total buzz kill removing our feelings from the priority position in life, it is something every disciple of Jesus has to do.

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  • the measure of maturity

    SEPTEMBER 19, 2021

    This week Pastor Rob challenges us to question our spiritual maturity.

    Some kids are resistant to growing up.  Now it’s fine to be childish when you are a child, but carrying that over into adulthood is problematic.  That being said, there are ways each of us battle and struggle against the process of maturing into contributing members of society and fully devoted followers of Jesus.  This week we are going to wake up and take a sober look at a biblical picture of this kind of maturity, and discover the benefits and responsibilities each of us have.  If you are ready to get fully in the game, God has important work for each of us to do that you can be discovering now!

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  • from stowaway to servant

    SEPTEMBER 12, 2021

    Pastor Rob breaks down the 4 categories of "church goers."

    We live in a world full of stowaways.  People who sneak on board, lay low, and attempt to get a free ride.  There are others who work their fingers to the bone serving like crazy their entire lives.  Both of these approaches have addictive properties.  Those who are lazy get high on skating through life and don’t want to do anymore than they have to.  Those who serve get a nice buzz from all their effort and labor, and have a hard time taking it easy.  While it is clear to most that one of these ways is better than the other, Jesus offers a third option that we should consider!

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  • Are you Chasing the next high?

    septEMBER 5, 2021

    Pastor Rob returns to the stage with a word on addiction.

    If you really think about it, most of us battle some sort of addiction. For some, their drug of choice is more socially accepted, and for others it is not. One phenomenon we have witnessed over a long time is people treating religion, church, and even Jesus as a drug they are addicted to. While most would likely agree that this addiction is better than other options, we are left to wonder if that is ok? Because for most, when that high wears off, they are on to looking for something deeper... something more… a better fix!  How do you think God feels about being your drug of choice?

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