Have you ever been discontent? Maybe unsatisfied with where you were in life? The path to more is not what we think. In fact, in many ways it is the opposite. While none of us enjoy spending extended time in a cave (literally or metaphorically), if you are willing to embrace the challenge, and lean in when life gets hard, you can absolutely find your way out and become all that you were intended to be.

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  • way maker

    APRIL 26, 2020

    In the final week of the series, Damian Williams joins Rob from his cave to talk about the origins of the series.

    Have you ever heard or said the words, “It’s all good!”  It is usually a way to deflect.  To avoid deeper conversation.  To keep from having to expose or deal with a wound far too big for us to manage.  When we say, “It’s all good,” life is usually anything but good.  If you ever find yourself stuck in a pit or trapped in a cave, you need to know this is not a permanent situation.  Are you ready for an encounter with the one and only Way Maker?

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  • It doesn't add up

    APRIL 19, 2020

    This week Rob continues the story of David, and his followers, who were hiding out in a cave.

    Some things make sense.  Like 2 + 2 always equals 4.  It is predictable.  We can count on it.  But many things aren’t like that.  They don’t add up and will never add up, no matter how many times we run the numbers.  When bad math makes life feel unfair in a costly way, bitterness is a common result.  But what if in those situations the bad math was also working in our favor?

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    EASTER 2020

    Pastor Rob's Easter Message delivers the ultimate cave story.

    When facing difficultly we want two things…  1. For the trouble to be as mild and manageable as possible, and 2. for the duration of the experience to be short.  If something has to last for a long time, we want it to be at the easy end of the ‘bad stuff’ spectrum, and if it is going to be excruciating, we need resolution ASAP. But what happens when it’s more permanent? What about when the difficulty we’re facing just seems to go on and on with no end in sight?

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  • The truth about caves

    april 5, 2020

    Pastor Rob begins this new series with four truths about caves.

    Unless you're a geologist, rock nerd, or a bat, you do your best to avoid hanging out in caves. Sometimes we enter them of our own free will, but most of the time life has a way of backing us in. When you find yourself trapped in a dark cave, you don't need to despair. Good can come from it.  Check out this message, and discover how God uses the places people tend to resist to make us all better and stronger!

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