A theologian suggested there was a speed at which Jesus moved through the world.  Slow enough to interact and have a conversation.  Fast enough to get stuff done and mark things forever.  Not too fast, but also not too slow.  If you feel like you are always left running to catch up, or so far ahead that you are alone and ineffective, this is a series just for you!  Let us discover a cause, a cadence, and a companion that is perfect for the rhythm of your life!

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  • walking in lock step

    MAY 31, 2020

    Pastor Rob concludes the series focusing on the presence of Jesus.

    This month we have looked at the symptoms of walking too fast and too slow. We have even talked about ways to minimize the liabilities of both tendencies, all the while acknowledging that the speed and pace of Jesus was our ultimate goal.  This week we are not just going to hear why we ought to, but we are actually being invited to walk with Jesus at His perfect pace.  Curbing your impulses and walking with Him is the best decision you could ever make!

  • TOO FAR ahead

    MAY 24, 2020

    Pastor Rob continues on a Walk With Jesus.

    Have you ever felt like your idea or action was ahead of its time?  That the thing you tried, which didn’t succeed, would have been highly effective if only it had taken place at a later date?  Our culture has bought into a lie that speed is always the best.  Like the fastest one always wins.  But much more powerful than speed, is timing.  Arriving somewhere when you should is the ticket.  Tune in Sunday and learn how to hit the bullseye in this critical area of life!

  • Too far behind

    MAY 17, 2020

    This week Pastor Rob speaks to the things that slow us down.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we were only ever behind because we were actually too slow?  We could at least feel good knowing that we gave our best - we just lacked the speed.  The truth is that when we are too slow it is almost always because we didn’t try. We slacked off, made mistakes, and have a past littered with wrong turns galore.  There is no tricking God, but while He knows everything about us, He also has a secret weapon to help us close the gap!

  • THE Speed of jesus

    May 3, 2020

    Pastor Rob starts this appropriate series about pace.

    Pace is hard. There are seasons when life demands more of us than we have to offer, and others when it feels like we are getting very little accomplished.  There is no such thing as “one speed fits all,” but if you knew what speed Jesus was moving, would it affect your speed?  Is there a speed that is just right?