Wonder Woman

We love super hero's, don't we? Many of us wish we could do more or be more, and in some small way, thinking about or watching a movie starring someone like this allows us a small reprieve where we live vicariously through the idea of that person, real or fictitious. And at this time of year we make a big deal about how our mom's are Wonder Women.  In this series we'll discover how we can become more and even all that God intended us to be!

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  • the source of power

    MAY 27, 2018

    In the final week of the series, Amy Banbury shares the source of her power.

    For many of us, it’s quite common for our lives to be spinning out of control.  Sometimes we contribute greatly to the mess that we find ourselves in, and other times it seems that we are nothing more than a victim of unfortunate circumstances.  At the same time we all know that God has infinite power, and it can be frustrating to want and even need some of that and yet seem to have no access to it at all.  This week we are going to discover the path and the posture to connecting our need to God’s provision.  Join us in becoming all that God intended us to be!

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  • made uniquely great

    may 20, 2018

    This week Chris Harris encourages us to embrace the uniqueness with which God designed us.

    We live in a world that encourages homogeneous uniformity.  If we could all learn the same way, be good at the same things, and avoid the same pitfalls, it would make things so much easier.  The two main problems with all this “sameness” are that it is completely boring, and not at all how God made us to be.  Our unique differences are not only part of God’s creative plan, but they are good gifts to be celebrated and given to the world.  We must celebrate the beauty of who we are, as there is only one of each of us!

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  • wonder women

    Mother's Day, 2018

    Bethany Paterson challenges women this Mother's Day to be all that God has called them to be.

    There are many great things to celebrate about women.  There are also many things that make being a woman a difficult thing.  We not only make things hard on ourselves but we also have a terrible tendency to make things tough on each other.  On Mother’s Day 2018 we are going to probe an area that doesn’t get talked about much, but could literally set us free.  If you are tired of sabotaging yourself and others and truly want to gain some ground, this is an essential teaching in becoming a Wonder Woman.

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  • THE secret of power

    May 6, 2018

    Laura Markel begins this new series with thoughts on gaining power.

    Have you ever felt woefully insufficient?  Have you ever longed for something that would help you function at or even slightly above average?  Have you given up on the dream that you could ever function at an elite super hero level in even just one area of life?  The truth is there’s a secret to great power, accessible to any and every person on planet earth.  Since we have more than our fair share of kryptonite, we might as well learn something that can be helpful as well.

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