The Yoke

A yoke is a wooden device that links animals together so that they can accomplish far more together than they ever could alone.  When Jesus walked the earth, Jewish rabbis would pick the best of the best to be their disciples, and those chosen would ‘take the yoke’ of their rabbi.  When Jesus picked twelve to pour himself into, a different type of people were selected.  As we start this new year, we are going to discover some powerful ideas surrounding the yoke that can and will impact our lives and the world in which we live.

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  • Pulling together

    JANUARY 28, 2018

    This week Pastor Rob completes the series explaining the key component to being yoked.

    If you could multiply your effectiveness by ten times, or a hundred times, or a thousand times… I suspect you would instantly sign up for that.  The truth is that we can, but at a cost!  Within many churches there is a group and a fund and a perspective for everything.  While this makes it easy for everyone to find a place just for them, it also results in spinning in circles more than it ever translates into powerful progress.  When it comes down to always having your way or changing the world, which one do you choose?

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  • 'Till death do us part

    JANUARY 21, 2018

    This week Pastor Rob talks about commitment.

    When a disciple would follow a rabbi and take on his yoke, this would mark and influence the disciple for life. He would not only approach life and the scriptures as his rabbi did, but he would pass on these things to his future disciples as well.  As much as was humanly possible, this was a permanent and lifelong reality.  This idea is somewhat foreign to us, as we live in a time where people change churches about as often as they change their socks or their marriages.  Come this week, and learn how God designed us to do life together… for the long haul!

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  • You and me

    JANUARY 14, 2018

    This week we hear from Pastor Rob, as he encourages us to be yoked together.

    What does it really mean to take the yoke of a rabbi?  We live in a world where most of us have in some ways taken the yoke of many rabbis and in other ways we take the yoke of none.  We’ve sat under the teaching of different pastors, listened to podcasts of our favorite communicators, and read the books of many others.  Biblically our teachers have a serious responsibility for us, but very few people in our culture return that with any significant ongoing loyalty.  Let’s discover the power of being in something together!

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  • Which rabbi is Right for you?

    January 7, 2018

    Pastor Rob starts a new series talking about who we should be following as we begin 2018.

    We are all tied to something, and in certain aspects of our lives we all follow someone.  If we don’t make some definitive decisions about who or what we are going to follow, we are susceptible to all kinds of influences pushing and pulling us in endless directions.  The start of a new year is the perfect time for everyone to reflect on and reset things like this.  Check out this message where we expose some myths and make some decisions that will help 2018 be our best year yet!

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