The Way in A Manger

This is a Christmas Series but it is also a Worship Series.  Do you worship?  Do you enjoy worship?  If you’re honest do you even know what worship is - really, truly, and fully?  It might seem like an obvious thing as it is such a common term, but there are so many thoughts and ideas floating around, and ways we use it, that our understanding has likely gotten a little fuzzy.  What better time of year to bring this back into focus.  Or to get it dialed in for the very first time.  Come encounter the light whose very arrival scattered the darkness.  Come and meet this newly born king.  Come and worship THE WAY in a manger!

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  • He is still the way in a manger

    DECEMBER 29, 2019

    Pastor Rob and Kendra Deiss encourage us to continue worshiping the newborn King!

    It is easy, even for those who aren't people of faith, to come worship King Jesus at Christmas.  But as soon as that is done, we step our worship back or pack it in a box, not planning to access it until this time next year - when it seems appropriate again.  After presents, food, family, fun, sometimes days off - there is an inevitable drop off as real life settles back in.  We miss some of the people we got to spend time with.  We have to muster up the energy to go back to work.  We get those post Christmas credit card bills.  Let's discover a few practical steps this week to make a dent in this recurring problem!

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  • darkness & duct tape

    DECEMBER 22, 2019

    Pastor Rob, Mari, Amy and Roy offer different perspectives for the Christmas Message.

    Christmas revolves around family, food, and gifts.  Most of us have traditions - some that are meaningful, and others we endure because they are important to someone we care about.  But what if the thing Christmas is truly all about has such significance, that the stuff all the rest of us do doesn’t really matter in comparison?  What if Christmas ushered in a cosmic shift that changed history forever?  What if this thing and this shift involves and invites you to lean in and participate?

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  • drunk karaoke

    DECEMBER 15, 2019

    This week Pastor Rob talks about what compels us to do something that to many of us is an awkward engagement we try to avoid.

    It is interesting how much we tie the act of worship to music, when singing in public is something most people avoid and even fear.  Have you ever noticed how good we can sound to ourselves when alone, in the car with the radio blaring, or while in the shower, but then when anyone else is within earshot it can feel like a miracle is required to hit even one right note?  Some people are just good at this.  But for the rest of us doing it necessitates trust… not only in ourselves, but in others, and something greater.  It is good to do this kind of thing from time to time.

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  • stick 'em up!

    DECEMBER 8, 2019

    This week Pastor Rob talks about worship in terms of surrendering our lives to God.

    We have all been taught the value of tenacity.  Of pressing forward.  Of never giving up.  But what do we do when the situation life presents is just not manageable at all?  Throwing in the towel right away may not seem like a good option, but what about when we have truly exhausted all pathways and come to the end of our rope?  While nobody likes to quit trying, doing so is not always something negative that should be resisted at all costs.  Lifting our hands in the air… choosing surrender and turning ourselves in can actually result in deep and lasting joy.

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  • just a small piece of the pie

    December 1, 2019

    Pastor Rob begins the Christmas Season with an overview of just how small of a box we put worship in.

    Did you know that there are two common categories or types of worship?  So much of the time the one that comes more readily to mind is the one that is the lesser of the two in terms of importance and power.  Were you aware that there are endless ways to engage in the act of worship?  This is not just for Sunday or times we all gather together - every one of us can literally worship all the time and in everything we do!  If music and singing is not your thing, you can still fully participate!  As we begin this series we are going to build a foundation and offer some much needed clarity.  As we worship King Jesus let’s be sure we are getting more than just a small piece of the pie!

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